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Where I Have Been: The travel map I’m so proud of! πŸ˜€

Click here in order to see Where I Have Been, be able to click on all the pins you see on the map, and get the details. Also, you will be able to access some reviews and posts I have published on Tripadvisor about my experiences worldwide – once again, by clicking on the map’s pins. Blue star pin? It’s one of my favorite destinations. Yellow pin? I have been there. Big yellow pin? I can give you great advice about that particular place. Green pin? That’s on my #TravelBL!

Got destinations you feel should be added to my travel bucket list and subsequently to my Where I Have Been map? Dot them down on a comment below – I love travel inspiration & can’t wait to keep flooding this map with pins!

Where I have been map

21 thoughts on “Where I Have Been

  1. HI! I found your story very inspirational, im currently at college but my goal is to travel the world when i finish studying. Im a spanish native speaker and I wanted to know how can I get an online translator job.


    • hi Betty! I just finished writing a full guide on how to become a translator and travel the world! I will share the article via syndication on my blog once it is published next month. Good luck! -Alexandra

  2. Β‘Saludos desde Puerto Rico!

    Wow! You’ve been all around the world! I’ve just one question: How could you possibly afford to travel so much? I’ve been to Europe twice, and had to save up for nearly three years!


      It is all about taking advantage of opportunities! For example, I applied to several study abroad scholarships throughout college, which not only allowed me to transfer credits to my American University, what also allowed me to live and travel in a new continent that was significantly cheaper than back home– making that American dollar stretch even further!

      Also, I have used Couchsurfing and many other tools give my travels, which allow you to travel for free or for really low cost, so you’re only expense really are flights, which you can get cheaper as well if you know where to look.

      Moreover, if living in the US or Puerto Rico, you could get a really good miles or cash back credit card to make all your payments! just make sure you use it like a debit card, meaning don’t swipe more than you earn or can pay πŸ˜‰

      There are many ways to “travel hack” nowadays so even people from working class like myself can see the world! Don’t give up Nadros ;D

  3. Hola Maria. I have two suggestions for you that I don’t see on your favorite destinations list. The first is San Diego, California. There’s a lot of fun things to do in my home town and the weather is perfect! Balboa Park in San Diego has great exhibits and Old Town is famous for Mexican food. And Little Italy is a great place to dine as well. You can visit the World famous San Diego Zoo and the beaches in San Diego are always fun. The second city is Copenhagen, Denmark. It has beautiful architecture everywhere and the famous Little Mermaid statue sits across the harbor from the Opera House. They have canals where you can travel the city by boat, or you can walk or ride a bike with the locals. And you can catch a train and be in Malmo, Sweden in half an hour. Best wishes!

  4. Hey,
    Would be honored to show you around my beautiful country- The Netherlands- one day.


    “Forget about your destination. Travelling is what happens on the road to.”

  5. Wow Maria, you sure have seen alot of the World, got me beat hands down! I was just researching French style cafes in HCMC Vietnam when I came across your post. I was so impressed with the French influence in Vietnam that I have to go back there with my wife one day soon, but we are off to Singapore and India in 3 weeks time so that will have to wait. I am actually a New Zealander but living in the Philippines past 6 years, but I have visited and lived in Antarctica (South Pole Station, McMurdo, Scott Base and Williams Ice Runway), Chatham Islands, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Pratas Island (Dongsha) and a few other oddball places like Mellish Reef, a very small sand cay out in the Pacific near New Caledonia. Life is short and there are many new experiences awaiting out there, so enjoy life and make the most of it. Thankyou for sharing

    • oh, I feel like I’ve seen nothing yet! πŸ˜‰ You’ve been to several exotic places that are on my list and I haven’t even been close to visiting. I’ll definitely keep sharing and hope to visit all those places soon enough! Hope you stick around πŸ™‚ thanks for visiting!

  6. You are a world ambassador!. I think traveling help us understand and respect the differences among us, yet cherish the fun and excitement that comes with it.

  7. You are very lucky to have travelled the world. I am 50 years old and it took this long to get to my dream destination…my native Italy. Well, not my native land, but my parents’. I always wanted to go as a teenager and young adult but it never worked out. I travelled to other places but never Italy. At 34 I got married and had two children. The opportunity came this year, when I turned 50. My children are now 12 and 14 and for the first time in my life, I finally went to my beloved Italy. I knew it would be amazing, but I never dreamed it would be “beyond spectacular”. We cruised the Mediterranean for 12 days and then travelled throughout Southern Italy, including Sicily, up through Amalfi coast and ending in Rome. I can’t tell you how much I loved each and every part we visited. Calabria has a special spot in my heart because my parents came from there and we are a beach family and saw the most incredible beaches on earth there! Tropea, I love you! Rome? THE most beautiful city I’ve ever seen or imagined. Not enough time there and was so sad to leave. The last day, when our alarm clock rang to wake us up to leave for the airport I could not stop crying. I knew I had had the most amazing trip of a lifetime and I also knew I probably wouldn’t be able to repeat it.
    So here I am. Back home for 3 weeks now. Very very blue and often cry when I think of our time there. Italy is not like going to Mexico or Hawaii….it costs alot more so it is unlikely we will go again for a long time. Even the cruise portion will probably never be done again (my husband is not a big fan of cruises).
    Its the spirit of Italy I miss the most. The life there. The warm (hot) sunny days. The beaches….oh the beaches. The people! The best I’ve ever met. I left a part of my heart there. Very hard to say goodbye and even harder to be away from it.
    Thank you for listening. You sound like you have an amazing life. Enjoy the world as much as you can. We are only here for a short time. Make the most of your life and live it with joy and love! Ciao…

    • you can always go back there Giselle. You could bring the kids and have them go to school in Italy perhaps? Or wait until they finally go off to college and then you can finally move and live a modest life in the Italian countryside.

      Remember, everything is possible in life–if there is a will, there is a way! Don’t give up on your dream of going back to your parents homeland. NEVER give up on your dreams!

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