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Here is a list of travel resources, blog links, websites, and other useful tools that I personally use when planning my world travels or I simply I like to follow for inspiration and other tips.  If you would like to include your travel blog or travel resources here, do a link exchange or buy advertising space, just contact me directly!

My favorite travel resources and tools & HipMunk (flight comparisons, cheap airfare): I typically use Skyscanner when shopping around for flights within the United States — although it sometimes shows some great deals for international airfare as well. For complicated or multi-city itineraries though, I prefer HipMunk. They have a great tool that allows you to sort not only by cheapest price, but also by less grueling travel times. MAGIC trick though? Once I find a great fare, I visit the official airline’s website directly. Why? They typically have the same price for the same dates (or up to 10% cheaper!), in addition to even more itinerary options. Worth the back-and-forth!

Couchsurfing (FREE accommodation, cultural exchanges): I barely ever book a hotel when I travel, unless it is a special occasion, remote location or I want to take part of a special retreat or amenity. As you all know, I travel solo 99% of the time, so Couchsurfing is THE best way to not only mingle with other travelers on the road, but also a way to delve deeper into the culture and really get to know a destination — from the local point of view! I’ve had countless of incredible experiences whilst Couchsurfing and cannot recommend it enough. Make sure you follow my CS guide though for proper etiquette and best results!

Thorntree forums (budget, independent travel advice): the love child of the acclaimed Lonely Planet guidebooks, these forums will provide you what the print versions can’t: UP-TO-DATE information! whenever I find something I like in the guidebook, I always cross-referenced the information through the forums. You can ask the avid travelers / users anything from local transportation schedules to status of hole in the wall eateries and guesthouses (which may have closed down between print time and your trip…believe me many of us have gone through this headache!).

T-translator app (Windows phone): believe me when I say, this app is absolutely incredible — and this is coming from a professional translator, mind you! While I have only tested the English, Indonesian, and Spanish languages, the app’s ability to accurately capture words through their voice recognition software + translate grammar and nuances relatively accurately really impressed me. it’s been a lifesaver more than once and I certainly consider it a must when traveling. The only downside of T-translator though is that it only works while you are either connected to your phone’s data plan or Wi-Fi, which greatly limits its usability in remote areas.

Travel blogs and other sites I like:

2 Backpackers

A Little Adrift

Anya, The Compulsive Traveler 

Art of Backpacking I’m a regular Middle East travel writer here!

Aussie On the Road 

Budget Places – I was a guest blogger here

Couple Travel Tips

Everything Everywhere 

Fare Compare – Im a travel advice contributor here

Flight of the Deaf Travelbee – so inspirational

Inside Journeys

Leave Your Daily Hell – Robert happens to be an old college buddy of mine and the design, photography and writing are SUPERB. His site is immaculate and will sure inspire you with several travel resources, quirky stories, and amazing destinations — typically off-the-beaten-path.

Gina's travel resources and blog


Legal Nomads Jodi is my role model!

My Destination Puerto Rico – I’m a regular contributor here, so check it out!

Never-Ending Footsteps

Nomadic Samuel

One Giant Step

Paramount Travel 

Reclaiming My Future – Toni’s travels

Smiling Faces Travel Photos

The Jungle Princess

The Longest Way Home travel blog

The World is a Book family travel blog

Travel Im a blogger here as well

Travel The Middle East blog my Middle East niche site is blog covering different destinations around the world

Two Weeks to Travel – the type of blog that is perfect to any 9-5er or your typical American full-time worker, really. With only 2 weeks to travel a year, time is limited and quite precious, so the travel resources and tips presented on this site will teach you how to maximize your short vacation time.

Wandering Trader

Got any other travel resources or sites? Let me know in a comment below!

One thought on “Travel resources, blog links & other useful tools

  1. Hey Maria,
    I just found you by chance, looking for my own blog, actually. I find your website name funny… Latina Broad…
    I’d be interested in corresponding and eventually collaborating with you, as I’m doing something similar to you, my business card says “Nomadic Translator” and I have a blog (only one page so far ’cause I’m busy with other stuff, but I’ll get to it eventually!)

    Send me an email when you get a chance: igiduran at gmail dot com
    I’d be interested to know what kind of work you find, how you find it, etc. I have a lot of experience in the field of languages but I’m only starting at combining cycling and work. I’ve also thought of creating a network of nomadic translators so we can help each other, share work, create synergies, etc.
    I’m now in (Seville) Spain but will soon be biking from Madrid to Almeria and then 3 months through Morocco. I’m hoping to establish Sunday through Tues/Wed as my “official” work weekk and bike the other days, but that also depends on things like the rain, etc. I hate riding in the rain!
    Anyway, another funny coincidence, I was born in Puerto Rico!
    Hope to hear from you.

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