Travel without plan: Curacao and Bonaire, here I come!

Heya peeps! It is T minus 2 days for Curacao and Bonaire, aka the Dutch Caribbean, and all that’s on my mind is travel without plan! Huh!? Well, I sent some Couchsurfing requests and only one has been answered which was to say that unfortunately he won’t be able to host me because he is moving this very weekend (of course, such is my luck). The CSer did tell me that we would def. flip the island over though…and I just 😀 !! Sooooo uhhhhh another travel without plan trip – wooohooo!?!??!?!

I got no accommodation set. Like, at all. And I don’t know why I’m so friggin’ excited about this. I’ll just arrive, meet up with the CSer in Bonaire and be like “so where do you think I could stay for a reasonable price?” and BAM. For Curacao I will then have 3 additional days for someone to “pop up” on Couchsurfing but if nothing happens, then travel without plan again!

Travel without plan: Dutch Caribbean

Curacao: The Dutch Caribbean!

I do have some ideas on what I’ll do in Curacao, though. Lola Di Marco was kind enough to tweet me some pics & locations I def. have to checkout while I’m there. For Bonaire though I don’t have a clue…and while I’m being tempted to look some stuff up, I think I just want to fully wing it again (ahhh, reminds me of my impromptu Israel hitchhiking/Couchsurfing trip in 2009!) and just wait until I get there and have the Dutch Couchsurfer simply show me what’s uuuup 😀 ahhhh the joys of travel without plan…always so exciting!

So! To get you (and me!) excited for my upcoming trip, I decided to share some of the photos and locales Lola tweeted me and advised I should not miss when I visit Curacao. Oh by the way, over there I’m meeting up with Mr Rupert (long story on his nickname lol) so it’ll be a tweet up of sorts 😀 he’s coming from a Habitat for Humanity house build in Argentina and I hope he is ok with the whole travel without plan deal! 😉 😛

travel without plan, Cas Abao

"Cas Abao, #Curacao named one of the top 10 beaches of 2011!" -@LolaDiMarco

travel without plan, Curacao

"Hike to the blue room to snorkel #Curacao" - @LolaDiMarco

travel without plan, Dutch Caribbean

"Crossing the pontoon bridge in #curacao" -@LolaDiMarco

travel without plan - Santa Cruz, Curacao

"Beautiful boka Santa Cruz #curacao" -@LolaDiMarco

travel without plan, cliff jumping

"Cliff jumping at Playa Forti #curacao" -@LolaDiMarco

And Bonaire? Will wait and be totally surprised 😉 😀 So that’s it for my travel without plan post! I’m off to Miami by train tomorrow, right after a nice Thanksgiving brunch with the roomie, and then it is Latin flavor night with my cousins and off to the Dutch Caribbean Friday morning. Can.NOT.wait! Oi btw,

Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias! 😉