New travel bucket list items: UNESCO Europe, Utah Holi festival, ol’ US of A

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travel bucket list - Dorset Coast, England, UK

“Bats Head to White Nothe: chalk cliffs on the Dorset Coast, U.K.” (JimChampion, Wiki)

25 of the Coolest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Western Europe

UNESCO World Heritage Sites – love them! Many on this list are already on my travel bucket list, such as Cinque Terre, Alhambra, and Venice, Italy (the latter already crossed off in 2005!).  However, I got new ideas! The Dorset Coast, England was a spot I had never heard of, for instance.

travvel bucket list, Il San Pietro di Positano

Il San Pietro di Positano on COnde Nast Traveler

Top 100 Hotels and Resorts Worldwideluxurious travel bucket list!

Ahhh, if I were rich…but a girl can dream, right? And so I did while staring at this travel bucket list of luxurious hotels for a while. Gorgeous locales! While I love them all, among my top favorites are the Four Seasons Bora Bora (overwater bungalows!), Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Safari Lodges at Phinda Private Game Reserve, Hotel Caesar Augustus (Capri), and Il San Pietro di Positano.

travel bucket list, Utah Holi Festival of Colors

Holi Festival of Colors in UTAH, USA – on my travel bucket list now! (Photo: Jeremy Nicoll)

Photowalk during Holi, Festival of Colors in Utah, USA!

I have previously shared with you how Holi, the Festival of Colors, is on my travel bucket list. However, what I did not know is that the festival is huge not only in India. but in other parts of the world! Particularly, I found this gem of a post/tour/photos on the Jarvie Studios (Utah) website. Yep – apparently, the Festival of Colors is huge in Utah USA! I really wish I would have known ahead of time, as it is celebrated throughout an entire weekend. I can’t believe it is happening in just a few days and I’ll be missing it! Hopefully I can make it next year 😀

Highway 1, California

Road trip on a classic 60’s Mustang down Highway 1, California? Heck yeah! (eeetthaannn, Flickr)

Deej’s Top 10 USA Travel Bucket List

Speaking of the US of A, I stumbled upon Deej’s travel bucket list and it was a reminder that I must add more “domestic items” to my own list. Too many times I forget how many great sites, states, destinations are within this country itself. I’m grabbing some ideas!

Dorset Coast, South West Coast path

South West Coast path of the UNESCO Dorset Coast, England – can’t wait to hike it one day!                (Amy Groark, Flickr)

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#Travel bucket list of the week: Space, home stays and other quirky stays

It’s Travel Bucket List Wednesday once more! I didn’t get any submissions from your travel bucket lists, so today we are expanding my ever-long To-do List Before I die book 😉

travel bucket list, total solar eclipse

Photo of 1999 total solar eclipse (Luc Viatour © GFDL, Flickr Commons)

Trip to Svalbard for the 2015 total solar eclipse

According to this page, the 2015 total solar eclipse will be best seen from Svalbard, an Arctic archipelago that is part of Norway. I definitely want to be there for the phenomena! And cross out another destination (and event) off my travel bucket list.

travel bucket list, Philippines homestay

Yap - San Diego Ancestral House @ Cebu City (By Dexter Panganiban, Flickr). This is close to what a homestay would look like!

Philippines Homestay experience through Flip Flop (yes that’s the name!)

I stumbled upon this agency named FlipFlop: The Philippines Homestay Experience today, right before I wrote this post. Naturally, I knew I had to add this to my travel bucket list! You get to stay with a local family for about $13 USD a night (600 Philippines Pesos) and have homemade meals for $1-2 USD (50-100 Philippine Pesos). I just hope I get to pay the family directly for these meals and that the agency doesn’t profit from that part at least. If that’s the case, I’m so doing this! Being able to help a local family directly all while being able to truly experience their country, their food, and even learn a few recipes in the process?! This is the type of travel I always dream about!

travel bucket list, stargazing hotels

Awasi Hotel, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (Photo: Terry Feuerborn, Flickr)

Great Hotels for Stargazing

I’m a budget traveler, but like any human being, I’ll admit it: If I could splurge, I would too! And so when I stumbled upon this fabulous hotels for stargazing, I couldn’t say no. Plus, I’m a little astronomy geek who can spend hours staring at the stars (oh Egypt, I miss your desert and oases so much!). So yah, all these hotels are on my travel bucket list now 😀

travel bucket list, Magic Mountain hotel, Patagonia Chile

Magic Mountain hotel, "the Volcano Hotel" in the Chilean Patagonia (Photo: _tono, Flickr)

Volcano Hotel & other quirky stays at Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile

I am all over these quirky stays at Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile. Not only is the spectacular reserve located in the middle of the Patagonia, but the types of accommodation available are ah-mazing. If I had to pick just one though, I would stay at the “Volcano hotel” (MONTAÑA MÁGICA LODGE). Yes, it literally looks like a volcano and water just rushes down from the very top to the bottom. All over green lush vegetation that grows on the building itself (or seems like it!). Seems like I’ll have to save up some money to cross off the amount of quirky room stays that have made it to my travel bucket list thus far!

travel bucket list, Baobab hotel

Huilo Huilo Patagonia hotel runner up: Baobab hotel (Photo: Mirthe Valentijn, Flickr)

Hotel Baobab, Chilean Patagonia

view up the lobby of Baobab Hotel (Photo: Mirthe Valentijn, Flickr)

Got your own travel bucket list? Share it with me (post your link below!) and I’ll feature it on next week’s Travel Bucket List Wednesday post. Lets inspire each other to travel some more and discover unseen corners of our planet together!

travel bucket list, Magic Mountain Lodge

another great view of Mountain Lodge Hotel, Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chilean Patagonia (Photo: Nick Herber, Flickr)

What’s on your travel bucket list?!

Travel Bucket List Day: Dreams and posts, submitted by YOU!

Happy #TravelBL everyone! It’s Travel Bucket List Wednesday, the time of the week where on LatinAbroad blog, travel dreams come to life in order to propel them that much closer to reality.

Medinat Habu, Egypt travel bucket list

Seeing the Medinat Habu temple - check!

I don’t know about you, but every time I write a Travel Bucket List Wednesday post I am reminded of all the hard work and long days I’m putting into developing my digital nomad careers (yes, more than one!). Getting experience as a translator & manager at this company to subsequently get certified this summer; picking up all types of assignments to bulk up my bilingual travel writing portfolio…AND frequently updating my three blogs all while holding a full-time in-office position…YIKES! Reading your posts are a great break, reminders of what is about to come. Keep dreamin’ and keep WORKIN’ for those dreams — never falter! When you feel like quitting your goals, it is usually when you are THE closest to them! So push on — and read Paulo Coelho’s “El Alquimista” or The Alchemist in English. Trust me, while all has been said before, this inspiring fable will keep you sane and help you on that great endeavor of making your dreams a reality.

And WHOA I went on a tangent today! XD Seriously though, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for me…so I needed to push you and motivate you through this post in order to push and motivate myself. I have thought about quitting and succumbing, either to just be yet another grounded translator or to have a regular “hobo” life now, like many other travel bloggers. But the way I’m going about things, whilst slower, will bring much more gratification later. I’m even saving for retirement, starting to invest, all while paying off debt, saving for my future grand journeys and developing my careers…So yes, encouraging words of wisdom and inspiration on how you became a digital nomad will sure help me heaps nowadays. Please leave those on a comment below 🙂 And now, with no more preambles:

night diving with giant manta rays, travel bucket list

On Sarah's travel bucket list: "Kona night diving with giant manta rays" (Photo: Chris Wilson, Flickr)

Sarah’s travel bucket list (@travelingneko on Twitter)

I loved Sarah’s list! Many of her destinations were already on my own travel bucket list, while some of her animal encounters she dreams of having are now my new additions. Perfect example of this is night diving in Kona, Hawaii with giant manta rays. After seeing many pictures, this is something I definitely want to try out!

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea travel bucket list

Projected to open in April 2012, the Ryugyong Hotel is poised to become the world's tallest (Photo: adaptorplug, Flickr)

Derek’s travel bucket list (@the_HoliDaze on Twitter) 

Described as “a truly epic bucket list, one fit for a lifelong vagabond or sufferers of wanderlust” by the author himself, Derek’s travel bucket list is actually an annual event. For the entire 2012, he has/will be tweeting one travel bucket list item every day with the hashtag #TBBL. On the link above, you will find how far along the list he is today. My favorite item so far? Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, as it is the “tallest building you’ve never heard of.” The hermit kingdom has been in my own travel bucket list for quite some time, so it’s great to cross several items off my list at one.

Mongolia nomads, travel bucket list

"The nomads have traded their horses for motorcycles. Solar power is also pretty popular at Gobi ger camps" --interesting! Different from what a Westerner like me might think (Photo and caption: maschnitz, Flickr)

Kelsey’s travel bucket list (@KelseyIvey on Twitter)

Kelsey’s travel dreams are among the most common – visit the Galapagos Islands, hike to Everest base camp, jump off a waterfall, etc. The one item off her list that really caught my eye was “living with nomads in Mongolia.” Now she just gave me the most refreshing idea to add to my own travel bucket list: Live with nomads in Mongolia for a full month. Volunteering, helping them, learning their ways and about their culture in the process. How fascinating would that be?!

What’s on your travel bucket list? Submit your post on a comment below!

Travel bucket list compilation and photos: It’s #TravelBL time!

It’s that time of the week again: Travel Bucket List Wednesday, aka #TravelBL! Inspiring each other to discover new destinations, events, and all things TRAVEL. I’m happy to announce that I received (and found!) some travel bucket list posts around Twitter and the web, so today we’ll read about the travel dreams of others besides yours truly 😉 Hope you enjoy them!

Pinterest travel bucket list, Portugal

My favorite image off Raul's visual travel bucket list - Portugal is on my list now!

Raul’s travel bucket list

Raul (@ilivetotravel) sent me his travel bucket list via Twitter. What I love most is how he has listed his items on his blog (link above), but he also has a visual travel bucket list! Raul “pinned” the destinations he still wishes to cross off on Pinterest. His image compilation actually inspired me to add some countries and regions to my own list, such as Portugal, Spain’s Basque country, Mali, and a Hill of Crosses in Lithuania.

Tuvalu, travel bucket list

Tuvalu, campaign (Photo: Nacanieli Speigth, Flikr)

On Kel’s travel bucket list: Tuvalu

While Aussie Kel (@kelaussie29) didn’t share her full list with us, she did introduce us to an unknown country (to me anyway) until today. Her tweet was a response to a post about “15 least visited countries that tourists need to visit more often,” saying Tuvalu is not “too far away.” Would be exciting to know if she means that she will visit this year, as we will want to hear all about it! This little dot on the map is located in the South Pacific and, presumably, would be one of the very first places to be submerged (aka disappear) if sea levels keep rising due to climate change. I would love to experience that culture before it’s too late! You can reach Tuvalu via Fiji, by the way 😉

Karla's travel bucket list

Photo collage: Karla Aguilar (

Karla’s travel bucket list – just updated!

Just updated, Karla’s list (@Travellersoul76) has many of the usual suspects: Visit Thailand, Bali, the Taj Mahal, and Petra. My favorite item off her list, though, is to publish a photo on National Geographic For some reason, that line made me reflect and think how relatively easy it is for freelancers today to reach such high-end publications. Social media, contests, and partnerships between travel agencies and publications are some things that have made all this possible. It also reminded me that one should reach for the sky, work hard, and always put yourself out there. With the Internet, you never know who’s watching! 😉 (aaand I’m sorry I just went on a small tangent haha).

Socotra Island, travel bucket list

I'm sure Michael missed this beauty! (Socotra Island, photo by Soqotra2007, Flikr)

Michael’s (sort of) reflective travel bucket list

Tweeted as “A bucket (list) for Monsieur” by @traveldudes, Michael wrote a post about his favorite, and least favorite, destinations and experiences whilst traveling. I must admit, it kind of irked me when I read that his least favorite is the Middle East, “whose desert landscape is rather monotonous.” Unfortunately, it seems like Michael has only visited the “most common” places in the region and has not seen other hidden beauties. Socotra Island, Egypt’s oases, and Haifa (Israel) are perfect examples. Highly doubt he would have published that statement after visiting those! But to each their own though, right? 😉 On the bright side, his post was still entertaining and rather informative. I didn’t know a disposable travel toilet existed?! Yikes! I want one now 😀

What’s on your travel bucket list? Any of these items made the cut?

X-rated travel bucket list: Parte DOS (photo essay)

Due to the extreme popularity of part one of my R-rated travel bucket list, I have decided to sprinkle even more spice. Indeed, I will continue the publication of my extensive X-rated travel bucket list. Wait–X-rated!? Oh yah, because this sequel is a tad bit…raunchier…!

X-rated travel bucket list item #1: Inside the Colosseum at night

X-rated travel bucket list item: Colosseum at night

The Colosseum at night…soo tempting…

Granted, it would be way too difficult to get down with a lover inside the Colosseum among the troves of tourist that visit during its opening hours. So the only way to cross this off an X-rated travel bucket list? To break in at night. You would probably need to befriend a guard (and got some fat wallets) to achieve this, but hey…maybe the guard can be your lover. Wink wink? A girl can dream…

X-rated travel bucket list item #2: In a van under the northern lights

northern lights in Greenland

make love under the northern lights? Romantic dream of mine! (Photo: Nick Russill)

Having sex inside a car with a big sunroof under the northern lights in the middle of some remote Arctic countryside…everything about that is plain epic. If I weren’t from the tropics, I would probably just do it outside and suck it up (errm, the cold). We all know it gets too hot in the end, right? But this hypothermia-prone Latina prefers it inside a warm vehicle. By the way: Which car/van out there has the biggest sunroof to date? Anyone? Because that’s what I’m renting to cross this item off my travel bucket list in 2013, when the northern lights will be the most fired up (baha).

X-rated travel bucket list item #3: On an open vineyard, Tuscany & Napa

do it in a vineyard - on my naughty travel bucket list!

Vineyard in Tuscany…calling my body… (Photo: Addictive Picasso, Creative Commons)

There’s no doubt: Tuscany is in virtually every single romantic travel bucket list worldwide. Thus, it is only natural it made it to my X-rated list in the form of making beautiful love out in one of its open vineyards. Ahhh, becoming one with your loved one in an open field, surrounded by hundreds of grapevines: Risky, romantic, sensual — so many adjectives to describe such magic! And Napa? You know, because I want to be able to say I pulled this off on both sides of the world. I’m just kind of a princess like that 😉

X-rated travel bucket list item #4: Inside a natural pool in Pamukkale

I have previously shared with you a dream 40-day Turkish Delights itinerary that is part of my “regular” travel bucket list. What I have not mentioned, however, is how I secretly want to get busy inside one of those gorgeous natural pools. They are so inviting, aren’t they!? And given to the fact I already did it in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon…I feel, somehow, this feat is doable (quite literally). Fear not, my friends — I do not plan for him or me to finish there, it’ll be more like a tease in order to say “done! Crossed off!” just like the Blue Lagoon act. I know, still too naughty…but…but…

x-rated travel bucket list - Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon: Where things really went down…

Always in small doses when it comes to my X-rated travel bucket list items! 😉 I will thrive to share more of my raunchy list with you on a monthly basis. I know you will either blush, laugh, and/or be inspired. Or be grossed out. Either way, I’m gettin’ it on! Bahaha *evil grin*

Yours truly!

watch out! ‘Cause I’m coming…          to a city near you! 😉

What’s on your X-rated travel bucket list?

Best beaches of Curacao, a photo essay (part 2!)

Beach Thursday this week translates to The Best Beaches of Curacao! In the past couple of posts, you’ve learned (and seen) some of Curacao‘s exotic offerings: Eating iguana for lunch, fake beaches and nice resorts. Finally though, it is down to the best of the best. While I will be talking about gorgeous Punda center in a future post, we are beach hopping today!

Best beaches of Curacao: On the way…

Curacao beach hopping tour

beach hopping road trips are the best

Before I talk about the best of the best beaches of Curacao, I must at least mention others we found on the way. As you already know, I visited all these beaches during a Beach Hopping tour offered by Irie Tours. They were absolutely fantastic the whole way, the driver was great, and we even got free Venezuelan beer during the entire trip. Awesome double-whammy for a budget traveler like myself 😀 so! That being said, beaches we visited were Santa Cruz, Porti Mari, Kenepa Chiki, and another one I can’t quite remember the name of (Lola, please help me out!). I have included gorgeous photos below. Albeit the cloudy weather, views were great!

unknown Curacao beach

Beach I can’t remember the name of – help me out Mrs Lola!

best beaches of Curacao, unknown Curacao beach

me at the “unknown” Curacao beach – found out it’s named Westpunt!

best beaches of Curacao, Playa Santa Cruz

loved these signs to identify most beaches in Curacao

Kenepa Chiki

too bad the weather was cloudy–I’m sure these beaches are even more spectacular than my photos show!

Fortunately though, Mother Nature graced us with a bit of sunshine sprinkled throughout the day — enough to allow us to enjoy two beaches in their full gorgeous selves! 😀 Maybe, then, I am a bit bias when I describe the following as the beast beaches of Curacao IMHO. But how can you blame me after seeing these?!

Playa Kalki

best beaches of Curacao, Playa Kalki

Playa Kalki – one of the best beaches of Curacao? I think so!

Playa Kalki was the very first beach we visited during our beach hopping tour. We arrived while it was raining, but later on the clouds revealed a hot sun — and many iguanas! I took the time to snap some great photos and tell my boyfriend at home how much I missed him (story to follow soon! That’s some news I haven’t shared with you yet…).

best beaches of Curacao, Playa Kalki

look at that water!

Messages to habibi back in America…

wish you were here, Playa Kalki

I love jou!

Kalki beach, Curacao


After Playa Kalki, we drove by the beaches I previously mentioned and spend a couple of minutes walking on the sand and snapping photos. We only really got to enjoy sun bathing and relaxation at about 3 beaches, as that’s what our time allowed. Still, we covered a lot in 6 hours!

Kenepa Grandi

Playa Kenepa Grandi

my favorite!

Kenepa Grandi arguably tops the list of the best beaches of Curacao by many accounts — and was definitely my favorite! The gorgeous views afforded from the cliff/terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea in the horizon and beach below are simply breathtaking.

best beaches of Curacao, Kenepa Grandi

what a view!

best beaches of Curacao, Kenepa Grande


Playa Kenip Grande

our tour group was nothing but ladies!

That’s it for this week’s Beach Thursday! In the coming month I will unveil the last spot in my list of the Best Beaches of Curacao. The chosen one? Cas Abou beach!

Are these the best beaches of Curacao to you or not? Comment below?

Beaches of Curacao, a photo essay of my break adventures

While eating iguana was a feast indeed, hopping the beautiful beaches of Curacao was my favorite thing to do in the Dutch Caribbean. Thus, this week’s Beach Thursday feature are the magical waters of this south Caribbean island!

The Tourist Trap…

beaches of Curacao, Mambo beach sign

Unfortunately, the first beach I went to was a tourist trap called Mambo Beach. Not only is it a man-made beach, but I felt I was overcharged for everything. Moreover, I didn’t think the vibe was any special to deserve such pricing. but hey, some people are into these type of beaches, so if you are willing to fork out some money to pay for beach entrance & additional fee to sit on a chair at an artificial beach full of tourists and not real Curacaoans, be my guest 😉

beaches of Curacao, Mambo Beach

beaches of Curacao, Mambo beach

Wherever there’s water and sand though, I always find some fun. Typically in the form of posing for pictures (I wanted to be a model in a previous life, apparently)…

beaches of Curacao, Mambo modeling

beaches of Curacao, Mambo beach

beaches of Curacao, Mambo beach modeling

Bottom line: As a budget traveler, it would be counterproductive to pay for the relatively-long bus ride here to then have to pay for everything — on an artificial beach. Sorry, but I can’t stress that enough, I felt cheated… 😛

The “Passable” Resort

Blue Bay, Curacao

The second beach I visited in Curacao was Blue Bay. It is located inside a gorgeous, massive resort and the drive to the beach itself was great. Some of the houses were beautiful and seeing the mountains reminded me of home!

beaches of Curacao, Blue Bay

This trip, of course, was possible thanks to a Curacaoan young man that some Dutch-Latinos I met in Punda knew. He picked us up and took us to Blue Bay. His words are still clear in my head: “If my business keeps doing well, I am buying a house here. It is one of the most beautiful resorts in Curacao. Plus, I like to live the good life!” Funny, charming young man 🙂

Curacao beaches, Blue Bay

me with our young Curacaoan entrepreneur!

beaches of Curacao, Blue Bay view

chillaxing on a cloudy day is still done better at the beach!

Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy for most of my stay in Curacao. In turn, my photos don’t do justice to the beautiful waters! Still though, we had a great time at Blue Bay and was one of my favorite places to hang out, especially with the locals (and many visiting Latinos). Hearing Spanish frequently made me feel at home once more 🙂

smiling in Curacao

being at a beach always makes me smile

Long enough of a photo essay for today! Stay tuned though, as I will continue this Beaches of Curacao mini series next Beach Thursday. Some of the best beaches are yet to be featured, so come back next week for more eye candy! 😉

Curacao beach

Can you name this beach!? Come back for the full scope and more photos next Thursday!

Have you ever been to any of the beaches of Curacao?

Weekly travel bucket list: Unusual restaurants, tree hotels & more!

Travel bucket list Wednesdays are back! Get your wanderfix by the weird, amazing travel bucket list items fellow tweeps and I add every week. Very fortunately, this week I got some submissions of your travel bucket lists, so we get to explore what’s on those wandering minds. Additionally, I found some unusual restaurants, unique tree hotels and other interesting items that landed on my own travel bucket list. 

Marcy's travel bucket list

(C) Marcy! (

Marcy’s travel bucket list 

Great inspiration for any adventurer: From a safari in Africa to six different places to ride in a submarine. My favorite item on her list, though? The Guinness’ “Perfect Pint” certificate – indeed, she poured a perfect pint and has a certificate to prove it. Adding that one to my list for sure.

Great Lakes Circle Tour, USA

Great Lakes Circle Tour – on Aaron’s travel bucket list (Photo:

Aaron’s travel bucket list

My partner in crime in several sessions of the #TravelBL chat, Aaron (@elatlboy) has the ability to inspire any type of wanderer. His list has a great mix of romance, nature, foodie adventures, and even sporting events.

travel bucket list, unusual restaurants

Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand (

10 unusual restaurants around the world

I love how varied RunawayJane’s restaurant travel bucket list is. From romantic to downright weird, some items on this list I happened to have on my list already (i.e. Zanzibar’s Rock Restaurant). However, some new additions are New Zealand’s Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant (pictured above) and Dans Le Noir (England), where you dine in the dark. Adventurous much? Always on me!

travel bucket list, coolest tree houses

Cool tree house in Laos (Photo: Christian Haugen, Flikr)

The coolest tree houses in the world

Speaking of tree houses, this list is…self explanatory? Sort of. While I have stumbled upon many of these lists, I am very happy to say that I had never seen any of the tree houses mentioned on Matador’s list above. Ahh, eleven new additions to my travel bucket list – nothing like fresh meat!

travel bucket list, engagement concierges

the Paparazzi Proposal package, offered by Tides Rivera Maya, has a photographer secretly stalk you, from the start of your vacay all the way to proposal, in order to perfectly document every moment. Me want! (Photo: Tripadvisor)

Hotel engagement concierges – the ultimate dream!

Like many girls around the world, I was dreaming about my future Prince Charming & his proposal by the time I hit preschool (thank you, Disney). Thus, I literally squealed when I saw this – now a few select hotels (listed in the link above) have an engagement concierge who specializes on helping my man to create the most memorable proposal ever?! And let’s be honest here: I am sure our Princes are very glad that some weight will be taken off their shoulders. Double winning!

travel bucket list, Acqualina Resort

Acqualina Resort, located in Miami FL, also offers special engagement packages (Photo:ACQUALINA RESORT)

Want to be featured next week? Then do this: Post your travel bucket list on your website, copy/paste the permanent post link on a comment below (no’s,, etc), tweet that post with the #TravelBL tag and then cc me (@latinAbroad) on it. LISTO! It’ll be RT’d to the travel twit world + be featured on next week’s Travel Bucket List Wednesday post. If there are no submissions on a given week, I’ll simply stumble the travel nets and repost the best of the best on our travel bucket list. The wanderfix doesn’t end there, though! Join the #TravelBL chat on Twitter, every Wednesday at noon & 6:15 pm EST! Next topic will be Latin America. Oi, you know that’ll be a spicy one indeed, can’t miss it! 😉

What’s on your travel bucket list?

Travel bucket list photos & #TravelBL Holidays chat recap – Dec. 21st

To learn more about #TravelBL Wednesdays, click here

Missed #TravelBL aka the Travel Bucket List chat yesterday? We got your back! Here’s a recap of what happened on both sessions so you get what you missed and write it down on your own travel bucket list. Don’t forget the #TravelBL chat happens twice every Wednesday, at noon and 6:15 pm (EST). Also, always use the #TravelBL in your tweets to share your travel bucket list items, experiences and spread the inspiration!

This week’s theme was HOLIDAYS. Grab a pen and add your favorite answers to that travel bucket list of yours! **All questions formulated by yours truly, @latinAbroad =)

travel bucket list: Christmas in Vienna

Christmas in Vienna (Photo: Manfred Werner)

Q1. What holidays do you celebrate? Where?

“It’s not really a holiday but I plan a trip every year during my birthday. Always somewhere on my #TravelBL” -@emeraldcitytooz

“All of them….haha I will celebrate the opening of a letter if I get a day off” –@Mackinnontweets

“Any excuse to celebrate & travel – I’m there!” -@LolaDiMarco

“The usual suspects- Christmas, Easter, etc. – the ones that fatten you up and leave you with a hangover!” @marktravel

Q2. What are some traditions in your country for the holidays?

“In Puerto Rico we do PARRANDAS: Spiced up version of Xmas Carols that lasts til the next morning. Blog post comin soon! ” -@latinAbroad

“In Australia, kangaroos deliver the presents in the pouches #TravelBL… or, in this case… #TravelBS :)” –@goodtravellife

“Unfortunately it seems to involve stampedes and violence in walmarts #travelbl #saynotowalmart” -@2trucks1week

 “Because the US is a ‘melting pot’ country, there is a wide array of traditions!” –@RachelChaikof

travel bucket list, Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (Photo: Nepenthes, Wiki Commons)

Q3. What holidays have you never celebrated, but would love to someday?

“A Chinese New Year especially if its the year of the dragon!” -@goodtravellife

“Just heard about the Loi Krathong festival in Thailand. I am hoping to go to Thailand in Nov to see it :)”  -@thetravelbee

“Would love to celebrate the ‘don’t overeat or drink too much’ holiday but haven’t yet- ‘making merry'” -@marktravel

“Australia Day” -@MiraCristine

travel bucket list, Las Vegas Christmas

Christmas in Las Vegas, NV, USA (Photo:

Q4. What Christmas-related items are on your travel bucket list?

“To see the holiday tree and lights and ice skating rink in as many big cities as possible” -@elatlboy

“Do you think you could visit the North Pole on the 25th of December or would everything be shut for Christmas?” -@michaelturtle

“Wouldn’t say no to these options #vegas #Miami #stbarts” -@LolaDiMarco

“A flying sled would be AWESOME”  -@HitTheRoadca

travel bucket list, Ningaloo whale shark

Whale shark, Ningaloo reef, AU (Photo: NeilsPhotography, Flikr)

Q5. If Santa could grant one wish from your #TravelBL this year, which one would it be?

“A RTW plane ticket” -@KelseyIvey

“He could just take you on his sleigh this week @kelseyivey!” –@michaelturtle

“Snorkeling with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef is at the top of my #TravelBL. So Santa if you could work on that it would be great”  -@emeraldcitytooz

“Dear Santa: I want my own show with the @travelchannel !!” -@latinAbroad

Santa travel bucket list


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