China beaches: Beach Thursday Photo Essay

China beaches – while my eyes have yet laid eyes on them, they are on my travel bucket list. Typically, tourists head to Thailand or Indonesia for an Asian tropical escapade. However, judging from these photos, China beaches rival their counterparts. Definitely consider them when planning your escape from the city! Hope you enjoy my picks and photos.

Dadonghai beach, Hainan province

China beaches, Dadonghai

View from a restaurant at Dadonghai beach (Photo: AndyNor)

Lovely restaurants line the gorgeous turquoise waters of Dadonghai beach, one of my top China beaches. It is very popular due to its mild climate: Never too cold in the winter, never too hot in the summer. The green, lush mountains in the background reminded me so much of home – hundreds of thousands of kilometers away in the Caribbean!

Shek-O Beach, Hong Kong

Chinese beaches, Shek-O beach Hong Kong

Shek-O beach, Hong Kong (Photo: ElphHK, Flickr)

In addition to its glitzy skyline and and buzzing shopping centre, Hing Kong is a great vacation getaway. One of its best beaches is Shek-O not only because of its beauty, but also due to its excellent facilities and relaxed party scene. It is Hong Kong after all!

Tianya Haijiao, Hainan province

beaches in China, Tianya Haijiao

beautiful boulders on a section of Tianya Haijiao beach (Photo: Matthew Stinson, Flickr)

Like our my # 1 top pick, Tianya Haijiao is one of the best China beaches located in the Hainan province. Don’t be put off by the rocks pictured above, though – there is plenty of sandy coast nearby! This was simply one of the best shots I found 😉 Oh, and don’t forget to pay a visit a coconut plantation in the area!

Beach Hotel Resort grounds, Sanya

Chinese beach hotel in Sanya, Hainan province

Photo: Max Okojie, Flickr

Must have the best for the opening and the closing! Indeed, seems like Hainan province is our winner. From what I could see, it has most of the top beaches in China. Above, a photo of the Beach Hotel Resort grounds. I’ll have to stay there for a night or two when I need to escape from the craziness of Chinese cities – simply gorgeous!

best Chinese beaches, Beach Hotel Resort, Sanya

the beach behind the Beach Hotel Resort, Sanya (Photo: Max Okojie, Flickr)

What are your favorite China beaches? List them on a comment below!

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