Travel through Barbados beaches: #BeachThursday photos

Barbados beaches, sailing ship

Sailing ship seen from one of Barbados' beaches (Photo: Mark Connell, Flickr)

Good morning everyone! Tired and sleepy, but holding on! Beach Thursday photos today are from the island of Barbados. I was there back in 2002 and it is a lovely place indeed. Consider it for your next beach getaway!

Barbados beaches, Hastings, Christ Church

Barbados beach in Hastings, Christ Church (Photo: Ben124, Flickr)

Bridgetown is the capital of this island nation. And judging form this photo above, one of the best beaches in Barbados is close to it!

Barbados Crane Beach

Seaside path at Crane Beach (Photo: Trevor Quinn, Flickr)

Barbados Crane Beach Hotel

One of the many wonderful room views at the Crane Beach Hotel (Photo: Jennifer Martinez, Flickr)

Crane Beach, also among one of the top beaches in Barbados, also houses one of the oldest (and most charming) hotels in the island: The Crane Beach Hotel. According to the Travel Channel, it’s been named “One of the 10 best in the world by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

Bathsheba, Barbados beach surfing

Bathsheba: Barbados top surfing beach (Photo: Joe Ross, Flickr)

big wave, Bathsheba, Barbados beach

Surfer riding big wave at Bathsheba (Photo: Paranoid Black Jack, Flickr)

The best beach in Barbados when it comes to surfing? Bathsheba!

Barbados beach, unknown dead tree

Contrast: Sea of life...dead tree (Photo: John Starnes, Flickr)

The best of the best when it comes to spots in Barbados, though? The unnamed beaches (as seen above)! Rent a car, find your unnamed deserted spot, and enjoy 😉

Enterprise beach, Barbados

Enterprise beach, Barbados (Photo: gemteck1, Flickr)

Have you visited any of Barbados beaches? Which is your favorite?