Spanish superstitions: Part 13 of the World’s Superstitions Series

Welcome to another edition of Cultural Tidbits Monday! After a 5-month hiatus, the World’s Superstitions Series is back. This week, we will learn about the quirky beliefs and traditions stemming from Spanish superstitions. Are the Spaniards guilty as charged? No doubt … Continue reading

Austrian Superstitions: Part 12 of the World’s Superstitions Series

It’s Austrian superstitions time! Welcome to Cultural Tidbits Monday folks. This week, I decided to switch it up from Traveling through Food and delve deeper into cultures by resuming the World’s Superstition Series. It is crazy to see how many of them overlap from … Continue reading

Panamanian superstitions: The World’s Superstitions Series pt 11!

Resuming the popular series, today we discuss Panamanian superstitions and see what they have in common with the other World’s Superstitions. Namely, my first Panama trip was back in March 2010 and was pleasantly surprised to notice how similar their … Continue reading

Kenyan superstitions – The World’s Superstitions Series pt 9

After a three-month hiatus, I’ve decided to bring back The World’s Superstitions series! They were (and still are!) quite popular posts and I think we can learn much about different cultures by bringing them back to latinAbroad 😀 So! Today we … Continue reading