About Translator and Travel Writer M. Alexandra

“So live that your memories will be part of your happiness”

Follow my journey during and after Indonesia and my worldwide adventures!

M. Alexandra is a thrill-seeking Spanish translator & freelance travel writer, sprinkling Latin spice all over the world!

Aka latinAbroad, M. Alexandra is an open-minded, highly-energetic, yet mature traveler with the spirit of a child. A world citizen, Puerto Rican at heart, carrier of an American passport. Fierce fighter, unlimited ambition. Her tiny body contains dangerous amounts passion: For travel, for cultures, for nature, for God, for love, for justice, ¡for LIFE!

“Asi que vive de manera que tus memorias sean parte de tu felicidad”

M. Alexandra es una traductora en busca de adrenalina, cronista de viajes independiente, ¡salpicando sabor Latino alrededor del mundo!

Conocida como latinAbroad, M. Alexandra es una viajera con espíritu de niña, mente muy abierta y enérgica. Ciudadana del mundo, Boricua de corazón, con pasaporte estadounidense. Luchadora feroz, ambición sin límites. Su pequeño cuerpo contiene peligrosas cantidades de pasión: Por Dios, por viajar, por culturas, por la naturaleza, ¡por la VIDA!

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21 thoughts on “About Translator and Travel Writer M. Alexandra

  1. Hey ….Mariya….

    I just done my graduation with English (Hons). I am learning Russian and I am about to finish my course. I want to become Translator my self could you suggest me how should I start after finishing the course. I want to travel all over the world and want to learn different language’s. Probably I will need some money to do that…

  2. Awesome ! you are truly inspiring ! Latina Power ! we rock ! Good Luck in your Journey you seem like a very ambitious, smart and educated girl ! keep it up 😉

    • vvery welcome! I remember you from your blog’s name. Thank you! Hope you’re entertained ha ha Ha 😉

  3. Maria I saw your submission to win the competition on Puerto Rico. I’m from Ponce living in Las Vegas ! My Facebook to promote in Puerto Rico is echevarriapitin@yahoo.com. I use Twitter to promote Las Vegas! It’s @pitinponce. I was a travel agent for 5years and went all over the world. Outside of PR, my favorite is Budapest, Hungary. PLEASE Follow me on Twitter and I will retweet what you send! And on Facebook as well. You are awesome!
    Pitin Echevarria

  4. Maria i was in the Nomadic Matt and i saw your replay, i was piqued since i saw Spanish translator and that has been something iv taken into consideration many years ago but somehow iv lost my way due to a lot of things, i was completely stunned when i saw Puerto Rican at Heart ( Dios mio eres me heroe!!) you inspired me even more , im just having such a hard time and i cant seem to think straight anymore with so many things. would you mind sharing how do you get your jobs or what education do you have?

    • Hello Gabriel! I’m going to be honest with you: starting off as a translator is hard.

      I was very lucky to find a translation & marketing position a semester before I graduated college — and I was hired! Then, I was promoted to marketing and translation manager, which looks great on the resume, and definitely helps me land freelance gigs.

      If I were you, I would start volunteering as an interpreter or translator for the UN or other NGOs — they always need volunteer translators, and that could help you gain some experience. Very few companies will hire you if you don’t have translation experience or certification. And in order to get certified as a translator, you need at least 2 years of experience, plus a bachelor’s degree! Crazy, I know.

      Best of luck! xx

  5. Hi Maria,

    Love your pics…and adventures.

    I’m a little unsure about couch surfing…(thinking about it), as I’ll be traveling to Orlando for a Conference then on my own after to explore Disney World (to let out the child in me)! 🙂 Will be there in Mid July…

    Btw, I’m also a believer of Christ!

    Take care now…


      • Hey… Maria…
        greetings from Himalaya(Nepal)…
        I would like to say that if you have some chance to be in South Asia, try to be in Nepal… It’s a beautiful country… I am sure you were not here till now, Which is cheaper with many option for adventure…. Nature hiking, trekking, rafting, kayaking, bungy jumping,,, even expedition in the highest Mountain (Everest) of The Planet…. Even you get a chance to see the art and craft of 14 century, just try to explore in new culture, tradition and different spice food am sure you will not forget it till your last breathe…
        I want you to make some new experience and new story for your blog….
        If you get some chance to visit in Nepal,,, Please remember me I will be here for you to give some tips for nomad traveler…
        Stay Blessed….

        • it’s definitely on my plans to visit Nepal one day! I was actually invited for a Habitat for Humanity build there next year. I hope I can make it 🙂

  6. Nice blog Amiga, y compatriota puertoriquena…..Love your post about Fajardo, PR. Oh well that’s my home town..LOL I been on those sands many times…. I will follow tu blog from now on.. Cuidate mucho…

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