Guns and Roses Cover Band + AC/DC: Videos from Chiang Mai!

Where the heck did the Guns and Roses cover band come from, in the middle of freaking Thailand, you may ask?

Well well well… 😀

guns and roses cover band video

The spectacular Chiang Mai Cabaret show wasn’t the only highlight of one of my funnest nights in Southeast Asia. Right after that incredible performance, the Indian and the Spaniard trotted along the Anusarn Market Night Bazaar with me–too amped up to say goodbye to the night just yet.

And then…my finely-tuned ears caught a glimpse of a Guns and Roses track.

But wait a second. That’s too real.

“That’s freaking Axl, man. That’s probably a really good live recording. Let’s head to that bar, it’s one of the few still open and at least they have good music.”

WELCOME to part 5 of my solo female travel chronicles throughout Thailand!

Guns and Roses Cover Band LIVE

JUMP to 0:53 seconds-on for the BEST close-ups and moves! ^

We couldn’t believe our ears.

This was a live band. An amazing Guns and Roses cover band.

We arrived toward the end of their “November Rain” rendition–me too flabbergasted to even press record on my camera.

Oh, but that performance was followed by an insane Welcome to the Jungle cover.

And then… They just kept going. We felt like we were at a freakin’ Guns and Roses reunion tour!

We were screaming like children.

Guns and Roses Cover Band in Thailand

But it didn’t stop there. Bon Jovi, AEROSMITH…even freaking AC/DC!

Say whaaaa?!

Man, they played American classic rock hit after hit. For hour and a half!

I can remember how much were the beers, but who cares? We had a blast.

Worth every single penny… of the FREE admission!

Band plays Wed-Sun. 9:30 PM @ Thai European Food & Bar, Chiang Mai!

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2 thoughts on “Guns and Roses Cover Band + AC/DC: Videos from Chiang Mai!

  1. Go to Anusan every November. Dinner, massage, bit of a sight-see/shopping, settle down for a few beers. 2 weeks of this, with some temple hopping or sight seeing during the day or laying around the pool, and work back home is more bearable again.

    • ahh, wonderful. I really love the jazz bar there as well, on the 2nd floor. Great ambiance and very talented musicians. I love this market as a whole!

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