My Video from the Spectacular Chiang Mai Cabaret

This week, you’ll watch a video + photos of two of my best nights out in Southeast Asia last summer. In Thailand, the rendezvous involved the gorgeous ladyboys from the infamous Chiang Mai Cabaret — and the most talented classic rock cover band I’ve had the privilege to see perform anywhere in the world.

Chiang Mai Cabaret Show Video

Ladies and gents, this shall be part 5 of my solo female adventures in Thailand!

Chiang Mai Cabaret: “BEST Of” Video

DISCLAIMER: after the 2-minute mark, I believe the video below is not safe for work and suggested to be watched by mature audiences. I recommend this entertaining video only to individuals over 17 years of age.

You’ve been warned 😉

It started innocently enough, with a curious walk around the Night Bazaar Anusarn Market. Then, as you found out the other week, I witnessed one of the best drag queen shows I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

Funny. Emotional (tearjerking, really). Surprising.

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to share this experience with other travelers.

And so, when the innocent Indian-American and Spanish boys shared with me at Wat Umong that they had never been to a ladyboys show, I had to take them to the Chiang Mai Cabaret!

Chiang Mai Cabaret Show

Granted, the night I took them my favorite number of all, Lady Marmalade from the Moulin Rouge, wasn’t performed again. BUT! They got to enjoy other pretty fun numbers–including a few favorites from the night before as well.

Their faces. My gosh. If I could’ve photograph them!

They were too busy telling me to record those video clips and take specific snapshots of their favorite ladyboys, though.

What’s crazy is this was the last night in Chiang Mai for both of them. We all agreed it was one of the funnest nights we’ve had in any of our travels throughout Southeast Asia.

What a hoot 🙂

Most beautiful ladyboy at the Chiang Mai Cabaret show

Chiang Mai Cabaret Show: Useful Tips

  • DO NOT bring children. This show is for adults only.
  • Tickets cost around 290 baht per person, which includes general admission + one drink.
  • Show starts at 9:30 PM, but be there by 8:30 to secure good seats.
  • DO NOT sit on any of the first tables in front of the 2 columns closest to the stage IF you don’t want to be touched, danced on or even picked to be part of the live show!
  • If you see the video, I sat right behind and in between the aforementioned columns. These, in my honest opinion, are the BEST seats in the house! Pick any of the tables in that area for phenomenal views.

VIDEO of the talented classic rock cover band NEXT WEEK! Stay tuned 😉

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