Costa Rica Waterfall Rappelling: My Pant-Pooping Experience [VIDEOS]

When I accepted the kind invitation of Yogi Aaron to take part of a week-long yoga retreat in the unspoiled Osa Peninsula, the last thing I imagined is that I would give Costa Rica waterfall rappelling a try. It’s pretty ironic that while I consider myself to be pretty adventurous, I pee my pants whenever I think of sudden drops from higher grounds…

But there I was, hanging from a seemingly-feeble rope, over 100 ft.

Costa Rica waterfall rappelling photo

I went down THAT thing?!

It all started innocently enough, at a ranch a couple of kilometers away. We were told the horseback ride would last about 2 hours—and that we would be delighted by the open fields, jungle, and coastline.

It all sounded great! And theeeen

Costa Rica waterfall rappelling, horseback riding

Scary moment during horseback riding, beautifully captured! Haha

They forgot to tell us that because it was the rainy season, it would be a tad bit slippery in parts. They also forgot to tell us that the horseback ride alone was going to be a great adrenaline build up to the crazy adventure that awaited us at the waterfall…

So even that ride (and consequent hike) was scary to me. I felt like such a bouji city girl as I galloped through the narrow paths, way too steep for my comfort. I almost slipped out of my seat and into the abyss more than a handful of times:

Then I heard the raging river welcoming us. I started to get excited. Finally, in a good way. I was not scared, but giddy.

And then it got scary again REAL FREAKIN’ QUICK!

^ [Start at 4:30 for the crazy drop, without the hiking prologue] ^

Yeah, I did slip. And felt like I would die. But I didn’t. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

Would you give Costa Rica waterfall rappelling a try?

Special thanks to Aaron and the entire team at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat for such an incredible press trip! While tour was complimentary, this post about my pant-pooping experience is my honest opinion. And very, very real.

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