The Ugly Side of Travel: A Human Trafficking Story

JULY 2014 UPDATE: Thanks for supporting The Human, Earth Project. With your help, we managed to raise the full $12,000 on this campaign against human trafficking. Ben and Moreno have found the kidnapped M. in China, and had a chance to meet with her in person. Unfortunately though, she was forced into marriage and has a baby now, so her situation is very complicated…

The following is a guest post from The Human, Earth Project and its Human Trafficking Awareness Crowdfunding Campaign. With your contribution, no matter how big or small, we can certainly make a difference.

human trafficking story

The Ugly Side of Travel

Not everybody loves travel. The 2.5 million people who are currently victims of human trafficking, taken from their homes to work elsewhere in forced labour, including sexual exploitation, definitely don’t.

Ben Randall was just another tourist who loved travel – until he learned that one of his friends, a 16-year-old from Vietnam, we’ll call her “M”, had been kidnapped.

Instead of turning away, he decided to search for M and began using his skills as a photographer and filmmaker to make a documentary to shed light on the issue of human trafficking. He gave up a full time job and for many months now has funded the project from his own savings.

Now he is asking for our help to finish the documentary and help bring the issue of Human Trafficking to the world.

Please take a moment to watch this short trailer of The Human, Earth Project:

You can visit ‘The Human, Earth Project’ crowdfunding page here. Any contribution you can offer will make a big difference to the campaign, and ultimately to those most affected by human trafficking. Ben is offering some great rewards, including film credits and his stunning photography of SE Asia.

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Help to ensure everyone can love travel as much as you do.
Let’s fight human trafficking. TOGETHER.

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24 thoughts on “The Ugly Side of Travel: A Human Trafficking Story

    • I am very happy, but also saddened, to announce that the girl has been found! However, she was forced into marriage and now has a baby in CHINA… So would will be a difficult road ahead, but it shows that our campaign DID work. Hope that next time, we can find them even SOONER <3

  1. So relevant, and hopefully near the top of people’s minds after the film 12 years a slave has done so well at the box office. Thanks for sharing this great work that Ben is doing. (I’ve contributed!)

    • that’s true — we can only hope. We do so much by raising awareness, though.

      Thank you SO much for your contribution, too!

    • it is Mary: which is why we have to support this documentary so more people know about the problem and look for solutions…

  2. Thanks for sharing this story. I met Ben (the film maker) in SE Asia and have been really inspired by his story and dedication to raising awareness of this problem – especially amongst these minority women and the girls of the region.

    Human trafficking is such a huge global issue that it can seem impossible to do anything. Yet every little action (such as helping Ben finish this amazing film) from each of us does make a positive difference.

    • that must have been wonderful, Barry. I hope you made a donation/contribution and shared the post/documentary in order to reach more people!

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