When your dream job gets BETTER…is disappointment even worse?

I don’t say this too often, but I’m scared. I’m terrified of failing. Failing at scoring my dream job, that is.

I know–who the hell is the chick typing this blog post in lieu of Maria Alexandra?! But it’s really me, unfortunately…


Somehow, I’m already thinking about the broken heart. And no, this one won’t be caused by love…but rather, the disappointment of seeing your biggest life dream fall between your fingers, fly away from your hands.

dream job, terrified doll

Terrified while holding my dreams… [PHOTO: giveawayboy, Flickr]

Dream job deja vu: disappointment hits me hard

When I participated on #myBBB competition, I didn’t think that not making it into the final 10 would hit me so hard. My reaction really shocked me. So much that I even hesitated to jump at this other opportunity…

I still did it though. Yay.

You see, I’ve applied for YET another dream gig. It didn’t involve such an elaborate travel video like last time, but just 60 SECONDS to tell Jauntaroo why I deserve to be chosen as their Chief World Explorer, traveling and volunteering around the world for A FULL YEAR with a $100,000 salary:

PLEASE CLICK HERE and push the ‘like’ button to VOTE for me every 24 hours until September 15. It would mean the world to me, really. And even though I’m TERRIFIED of failing, falling hard on my face YET AGAIN

I’ll never land my dream job if I don’t keep trying, right?! Dreams are HARD!

8 thoughts on “When your dream job gets BETTER…is disappointment even worse?

    • you should be able to vote every day, yes! What I suggest is clearing the CACHE + history from all your browsers.

      Also, try the incognito/private browsing feature to vote. That way, you should be able to vote from every different device/browser you got 😉

      Thank you so much for your support!

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