Puerto Rico beaches: refreshing from the heatwaves! [Beach Thursday photos]

When there’s a heatwave in New York, you know things must be worst down in the Caribbean. And so, it’s been stifling here! I’ve been going to quite a bit of Puerto Rico beaches to refresh from the heat and humidity. Hope you enjoy the photos I’ve snapped for Beach Thursday 😀

Some were taken with a smartphone while inside a plastic back (lol), so I apologize for the quality in advance!

Puerto Rico beaches, Carolina Beach Thursday

Welcome to Puerto Rico Beach Thursday!

Puerto Rico beach photos: Playa Pal Pueblo, Carolina

When driving to Balneario de Carolina, right before you start seeing the gates, you’ll find a dinghy sign saying “Playas Pal Pueblo” and entrance to a small parking lot: this is it! In contrast to its popular neighbor, Playa Pal Pueblo didn’t feel crowded—a rare commodity to find on beaches near San Juan.

Puerto Rico beach photos, Carolina beach Thursday

Playa Pal Pueblo coastline, right by the Courtyard Marriott in Carolina

Puerto Rico beaches, Carolina beach Thursday

Doesn’t that water make you want to run right in?

My favorite thing about this Puerto Rican beach, though? There’s a small campsite among palm fronds and vegetation, right by its entrance. Its residents are actually peaceful protesters of further development of the Carolina coastline, fighting to keep beaches free for Puerto Ricans to enjoy. Very picturesque protest may I say myself:

Puerto Rico beach photos, beach campsite

See the tents on the left and right?

Puerto Rico beaches, Carolina Playa Pal Pueblo

LOVE this photo and entrance!

Puerto Rico beach photos: Playa Escondida, Fajardo

I’ve already written about the many things to do in Fajardo, including how to get to the “Governor’s Reserve Beach.” Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Playa Escondida is on the way! It’s the very first glimpse of coast you see after your long 30-40 minute hike. So, totally possible to visit both Fajardo beaches on the same day. If you decide to keep walking along the coast until you see the Cove with the Governor’s house, though, beware the cops. ENJOY! 😀

Puerto Rico beach photos, Playa Escondida Fajardo

We apologize for the ugly picture: it was cloudy, not a sunny day!

Puerto Rico beaches, Playa Escondida

Now THIS one makes some justice to this gorgeous beach

Puerto Rico beach photos, Puerto Rican girl bikini

My apologies for ruining it: I had not taken a photo of myself that trip…

Puerto Rico beach photos: Isla Verde, Carolina

THE most popular beach by San Juan, where most of the beachfront hotels are located. Perfect for windsurfing, kite surfing, parasailing, and people watching. You may also rent kayaks and kite surfing lessons. Oh, and lastly but most importantly, lots of palm trees to find shade under!

Puerto Rico beaches, Palm tree

this photo has NOT been edited in ANY way!

Puerto Rico beach photos, ocean view

What about them ocean views?

Puerto Rico beach photos: Balneario La Montserrate, Luquillo

So crowded on weekends, so popular: yet, one of the cleanest, safest beaches in the entire island. My advice? Go on a weekday and enjoy its reef-protected waters, palm tree forest, and surrounding mountain views. Truly spectacular (and BLUE FLAG beach, by the way):

beach Thursday, Luquillo Beach

Clearly, I went on a weekend…!

Balneario La Montserrate, Puerto Rico beaches

Love the colorful lifeguard posts

Puerto Rico beaches, Luquillo water

got cloudy, so not the best shot of the amazing water 🙁

Puerto Rico beach photos: Playa Ultimo Trolley, San Juan

One of the windiest beaches by San Juan, perfect for bodyboarding and kite surfing. Locals refer to it as “the kite beach” as well. Lack of shade though, as the few baby palm trees are taken early in the morning. So pack plenty of sunblock!

Playa Ultimo Trolley, beach Thursday

I felt stylish that beach day 😉

Have you been to these Puerto Rico beaches? Any favorites?

16 thoughts on “Puerto Rico beaches: refreshing from the heatwaves! [Beach Thursday photos]

  1. Maria you should go to Combate beach in Cabo Rojo. It is small but absolutely stunning. Not a lot of people know about it so it is a hidden gem 🙂 There are also some surf camps in Rincon that I’m dying to try out!

  2. Nice work, very nice pics…nothing like a beach road trip..my kind of adventure…next time try “La Ruta del Cafe.” Did that this past weekend. Visiting different Cafe Hacienda’s in the Cordillera Central. Temp actually went from a steamy 86 to a cold 68 at one point.

    • Indeed! It is quite crazy how the temperature in Puerto Rico can change so dramatically, especially when moving from the valleys to our high high mountains. Most people don’t realize this, but it can get quite cold up there!

      I’ll definitely have to add that coffee route to my travel bucket list: can’t believe I haven’t done it, even though I have lived on this island my entire life!

  3. Grrrrr, I am missing the Puerto Rican beaches like crazy. The other day I saw some killer photos of Cabo Rojo and felt like crying. I am going to do an island road trip next time I visit (and I am going to stp at all the beaches I want.)

  4. I’ve been to Playa Pal Pueblo and we were going to go on a night kayaking tour in Fajardo but changed our minds after hearing about a lady in Vieques who was attacked by a shark while kayaking. Fortunately, I think she only lost a leg. But I love Puerto Rico and I can’t wait to go back someday soon!

    I’d like to invite you to link up on my blog on Wednesdays for Wanderlust Wednesdays: http://www.timetravelplans.net/hotels-in-palm-desert-shadow-ridge/

  5. There is something magical about the Beach. Not sure why but I love being there, and the Puerto Rico beaches sure are gorgeous
    Love the pic with you in it, gorgeous photo.
    We have Surf Life Savers here in Australia on most of our beaches, swimming between the red flags makes it safer.
    Mind you a lot of people swim on any of the beaches even without the red flags!
    Love the idea of sitting and soaking up the sun, sure miss that at the moment {its winter here!!}

    • totally agree with you. I don’t know what it is about the beach, but it is so magical. I’m always SO happy when I’m there. It’s in my travel dreams to visit the ones in Australia someday by the way. Soon enough, hopefully…

  6. You are spoiled for choice of lovely beaches in Puerto Rico. I’ve been to the one in Luquillo. We went on a weekday when there was a Red Flag warning up, so we were the only people there. It was kind of strange since we had heard it was very popular.

    • the beach in Luquillo EMPTY? You were sure EXTREMELY lucky! I’ve never heard of that happening 😉 seriously though, wowww

  7. Hi! Your beaches are gorgeous. I have never been to Puerto Rico, but would love to sometime,

    Just a heads up — You comments section is not Chrome browser friendly. I had to switch to FF in order to leave this comment.

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