Puerto Rico Beach Thursday: Cueva del Indio Arecibo photos

Welcome to another edition of Beach Thursday! As I’m back to my beautiful island, this week I’m featuring one of Puerto Rico’s hidden gems: Cueva del Indio Arecibo. I had the pleasure to go to this cave, grottoes, and lovely beach yesterday, as part of a day trip to the northern coast. It was a mix of hiking, climbing, swimming, and even some Taino Indian petroglyphs! Definitely a great day under the sun 🙂

Cueva del Indio Arecibo photos, beach panorama

Gorgeous panorama from Cueva del Indio, Arecibo

How to get to Cueva del Indio Arecibo

The municipality of Arecibo is located about 80 km west of San Juan, so you must either rent a vehicle or book a day trip with a local operator in order to reach it. I was lucky enough to be going with a friend of mine and her date, who used to be an adventure tour guide. Which means?! Going off-the-beaten-path!

How to get to Cueva del Indio Arecibo map

Arecibo, Puerto Rico map by Wiki Commons

Once you reach Arecibo, Cueva del Indio is located at St 681 Km 8.0 (Carretera 681 in Spanish). GPS should be able to get you there—and you’ll know you’re at the right place as soon as you see the sign and a business called El Coayuco. There, you pay USD $2 for parking and simply follow the signs to walk toward the cave.

Cueva del Indio Arecibo photos: petroglyphs, grottoes & a beach!

The beginning of the dirt path is full of branches and even palm trees. However, it soon turns into sharp rocks, so be sure you wear sturdy walking shoes!

how to get to Cueva del Indio, Arecibo

On the left: the panorama from above and Cueva del Indio beach. To the right? Path down the petroglyphs cave, cove, and grotto

Once you reach those big rock steps, you may turn left to enjoy the beautiful lookout and even walk down to Playa Cueva del Indio (the beach). Alternatively, you may go right to take the stairs down to the petroglyphs cave and/or walk a little further to look into the beautiful grottoes, cove, and crashing Atlantic Ocean.

Cueva del Indio path, how to get there

Rock steps leading toward the cove and Atlantic Ocean

Cueva del Indio cave entrance

Stairs leading to the petroglyphs cave. Stunning! And higher than it looks…

Of course, I recommend you go both ways 😉 We went to the grottoes and petroglyphs cave first, just so we could wrap up the day by enjoying the panorama and relaxing at Playa Cueva del Indio.

photos Cueva del Indio Arecibo petroglyphs

Taino Indian petroglyphs all over the cave! It is still uncertain how old they are

Cueva del Indio ocean cove, Arecibo

Gorgeous ocean cove by Cueva del Indio cave

Extra travel tips for Cueva del Indio

– The waters can be rough! For this reason, make sure you look for the 2 mini pools (protected by the reef) once you hike down to the beach. There, you can refresh out of harm’s way.

Arecibo Beach Cueva del Indio

The waves weren’t that big yesterday, but still a gorgeous view!

How to get to Playa Cueva del Indio

One of the safe pools to bathe at Playa Cueva del Indio

For some interesting photographs, lookout for the cute zebra fish at one of the pools and the blue iguanas wandering around Playa Cueva del Indio!

Playa Cueva del Indio Arecibo photos, blue iguana

blue iguana!

For more Playa Cueva del Indio photos, check out LatinAbroad’s Facebook page.

What’s your favorite beach cove? Mine is Cueva del Indio for sure! 🙂

26 thoughts on “Puerto Rico Beach Thursday: Cueva del Indio Arecibo photos

    • Cueva del Indio really does have it all! Although the sand isn’t as soft or smooth as I prefer it to be… But that would be me being greedy haha

  1. I love walking along beaches and cliff tops – and with history thrown in it just adds to the adventure. Thanks for taking me there.
    Have a wonderful week and thank yo for stopping by my blog last week – we have been away trecking and only just back – so catching up!

    • No problem Jill! Where were you guys? Thanks for stopping by as well 🙂 you should bring your family to Puerto Rico by the way!

  2. I’ve been to Arecibo but only to the Observatory after spending most of the day at the Camuy caves. Now that I’ve seen your incredible pictures, I wish I had gone to Playa Cueva del Indio instead. Those petroglyphs and the big waves are so enticing.

    • It’s okay Michele! Arecibo has a lot to offer, not enough time to do it all in a single day 😉 now that’s an excuse to come back! The you visit any other places on the north/West Coast by the way?

    • Next time you come around, rent a car and send me a message 😉 I’ll give you a long long list of great places like these to go to! It saddens me that tourists only get to see the San Juan metropolitan area, missing out on much of our raw beauty, mostly located on the northwestern coast.

    • What’s funny is I didn’t even know Puerto Rico had blue iguanas until I saw them last week as well! Crazy huh?

      Glad you love to my photos, I’m trying to improve my photography. The day was just as serene as the pictures show (minus my heart almost coming out of my chest when climbing up that hill and down those stairs! 😉 haha)

    • Next time, come over and stay for 2 weeks. That should be enough to at least get a taste of each coast! 😉 Puerto Rico will be waiting for you.

  3. Hi Maria Alexandra, this place is amazing! Give me petroglyps and I’m there! But the fact that it is by a beautiful beach that is on the off-the-beaten path makes it a perfect get away from me. I’ve only been to San Juan; I definitely will return to PR and when I do I’m going here!
    Your photos are beautiful. Since you were asking for a photo class (kind of you to think I’m a pro – ha! ha!), here’s a simple tip to enhance your shots. Use a polarized filter on your lens when you take bright sunny scene. It will saturate the colors more, especially the blueness of the sky and water. Hope that helps a bit:)
    Love your spirit. Can feel it through your blog.

    • Thanks for the tip, Marisol! I’ll keep that in mind 😉

      The best way to see Puerto Rico is to rent a car and ask a local where to go. There are so many hidden corners in our island! It’s unfortunate to see that tourists stick to the San Juan Metropolitan area.

      Next time you plan a trip to PR, let me know so I can give you some great off-the-beaten-path places to go to! 😀

      I’m hoping my enthusiasm made you check flights 😉 haha

  4. I loved three things about your island. First the dramatic rocks and ocean, then the Taino Indian petroglyphs – wow, and lastly that fabulous photo of the blue iguana 🙂

    • Thanks Jan! Although Puerto Rico is full of beautiful sandy beaches. In fact, this beach is one of the “uglier” ones! ;D still pretty though. You should come over here!

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