Canary Islands beaches: photos from Grand Canaria

It’s Beach Thursday! Today we are going back to Europe to visit some Canary Islands beaches. Specifically, we will learn more about the hot spots of Gran Canaria, where 40% of the Canaries’ population resides. Enjoy!

Canary Islands beaches, Las Canteras


Canary Islands beaches: Gran Canaria

I don’t know what intrigues me the most: the fact that one of its beaches is known as Europe’s nudist capital, the few dangers that you may encounter during your visit or that its most popular beach is called Puerto Rico (yup, just like the Caribbean island). Gran Canaria is definitely a destination for the adventurous, open-minded traveler.

Puerto Rico Resort

Of course I had to start with Gran Canaria’s most popular beach. Puerto Rico is the center of a popular resort area, sprinkled with several hotels and bars. As expected, it is quite crowded and not everyone’s piece of cake.

Canary Islands beaches, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria by Gran Canaria Go, Flickr

Amadores Beach

Just like out of a Caribbean brochure, it is hard to believe that Amadores is a man-made beach. Literally made from scratch, it is a 15 min. walk (or 3-min. cab drive) from wildly-crowded Puerto Rico resort.

Canary Islands beaches, Amadores Gran Canaria

Amadores Beach by Sergio Carriedo, Flickr

Maspalomas Beach

The biggest beach in Gran Canaria also happens to be Europe’s nudist capital. However, the only nudist zone is located at its center, so you may still visit one of the island’s most popular beaches without having to strip down. LGBT travelers: there’s also a special area designated with a Pride flag. Personally, I love this beach because of its spectacular sand dunes.

Canary Islands beaches, Maspalomas

Gorgeous sand dunes of Maspalomas Beach by Pedro Szekely, Flickr

Playa de Las Canteras

Want to go snorkeling? Coral sandstone barrier reef La Barra is right off this beach. As a bonus, it breaks incoming waves, making this spot perfect for families as well. Make sure you also spend some time by the paseo marítimo, the red-brick boardwalk that hugs the beach with several restaurants, bars, and shops. It is another popular spot in Gran Canaria, so definitely not for those who are seeking peace and quiet 😉

Canary Islands beaches, Playa de Las Canteras

Playa de Las Canteras, Las Palmas by JUAN RAMON RODRIGUEZ SOSA

Guigui Beach

Speaking of peace and quiet, if you seek isolation and relaxation, Gui Gui is your beach. While it may be reached by boat from the Puerto Rico resort or by water taxi from Puerto de Las Nieves. Adventurous souls might want to take the 3-hour hike from its closest road, though!

Canary Islands beaches, Guigui beach valley

Valley leading to Gui Gui beach by Vijay Sikanda, Flickr


Want to hang out with the locals? Head over to Guayedra. Located on the gorgeous West Coast, getting there is just half the fun. Go on a weekday to mingle with Canarians hailing from Agaete, Galdar and Guia. Otherwise, go on a weekday and chances are you will have this slice of heaven all to yourself.

Please note though: this is a black sand beach with many pebbles, plus you may find the odd group of nudists from time to time. Bonus though? You may take a mud bath here! One of the most unique Gran Canaria beaches of the island IMO.

Canary Islands beaches, Guayedra

Guayedra Beach, Gran Canaria north coast by Ramon Sanchez Bruhn, Flickr

Have you visited any Canary Islands beaches? Which is your favorite?

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    • that monument, by Chano Navarro Betancor, pays homage to fallen fisherman.

      There are other sculptures/monuments sprinkled throughout the boardwalk of Playa Las Canteras — it’s like a mini open air museum 🙂

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