Travel bucket list destination: Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Welcome to another edition of Travel Bucket List Wednesday! This week’s travel bucket list destination is Komodo National Park. Located in Indonesia, it is a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. The diving there is supposed to be unbelievable and I can’t wait to finally visit. Oh my dear Asia, you have escaped me for so many years! soon I’ll catch you, soon I’ll catch you…

Komodo National Park, travel bucket list destination

“Islands in Komodo National Park” (Nick Hobgood, Flickr)


The Komodo National Park stretches across a total of 29 volcanic islands. Naturally, the archipelago offers spectacular scenery and wildlife.

Komodo location

Flores, Indonesia: Where Komodo National Park is located (Sadalmelik,Wiki Commons)

Komodo, Padar & Rincah

The largest islands of this travel bucket list destination park are Komodo, Padar & Rincah. Besides excellent diving, they are mostly a popular place to watch the famous Komodo Dragon.

Indonesia Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon – Komodo, Indonesia (, Flickr)

travel bucket list pink sand beach

Pink Beach of Komodo – Komodo, Indonesia (, Flickr)

Diving Komodo National Park

Chromodoris joshi species, diving Komodo National Park (Nick Hobgood, Flickr)

Have you been to Komodo? Is it your travel bucket list destination?

2 thoughts on “Travel bucket list destination: Komodo National Park, Indonesia

  1. What a great destination. The only hard part is getting there, but if you make a couple of stops on your way to Indonesia (Thailand/Hong Kong etc) then it makes the trip all the more better.

    Great post!

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