Travel bucket list photos: Get inspired by delicious food and gorgeous views!

And we are BACK! It’s Travel Bucket List Wednesday and I can finally put together a post. SO! I’ll go straight to some gorgeous travel bucket list photos, yah?

San Blas Islands Panama, travel bucket list photos

Visit gorgeous uninhabited island in the Caribbean Sea? Check! (San Blas, Panama)

Vietnam: Food Obsession!

While I have been obsessed with traveling to Vietnam for its gorgeous landscapes for quite some time, my deepest love affair is with Vietnamese food. I have been lucky enough to travel through food and enjoy real, traditional Vietnamese curries while living in Tampa, Florida. I can attest to this by comparing the great dishes I have eaten here with those of travel bloggers who have traveled to that country.

However, not all great dishes that comprise traditional Vietnamese cuisine are offered at my favorite Tampa restaurant. And after seeing some amazing dishes such as fried pork on lemongrass stick on Runaway Juno’s travel blog, I must go there ASAP!

Vietnamese curry, travel bucket list photos

Vietnamese curry or Cà Ri Gà: My favorite Vietnamese dish (so far!)

pork on lemongrass, travel bucket list photos

Nem lui: Vietnamese fried pork on lemongrass sticks (RunawayJuno, Flickr)

Aren’t these travel bucket list photos absolutely delicious? For more Asian food porn, checkout my Asian curries photo essay. That post makes me want to eat my computer screen…

Iceland: Expansive, foreign landscapes

I’ve only crossed off Iceland halfway: I still have yet to witness Icelandic summer landscapes. What did I see, then? The gorgeous Northern lights and volcanic landscapes, covered by white blankets, back in December 2010. Moreover, I experienced Iceland Couchsurfing at its best! Definitely something I recommend to every traveler I meet. Just see for yourself:

Icelandic landscape, travel bucket list photos

amazing love rock formation at an Icelandic beach in Vik, South Coast

Icelandic summer, travel bucket list photos

Icelandic summer landscape (opalpeterliu, Flickr)

Iceland Blue Lagoon summer, travel bucket list photos

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon (opalpeterliu, Flickr)

What I love the most about this country by the Arctic? Its rough beauty. See more photos of Iceland landscapes here.

Other incredible landscapes around the world

Dongchuan Red Land, travel bucket list photos

Dongchuan Red Land, southern China (JiKang Lee, Flickr)

Lençóis Maranhenses, travel bucket list photos

Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil (Iain and Sarah, Flickr)

Winter in Cappadocia, Turkey (SteFou!, Flickr)

Enough said. Really.

Got more travel bucket list photos? Share them with us on a comment below!

23 thoughts on “Travel bucket list photos: Get inspired by delicious food and gorgeous views!

  1. Hey Maria! Some of my favorite places are on your list! I’m madly in love with Iceland. I really want to go back soon. Thanks for featuring my post! Vietnamese food are GREAT!

  2. All I can say is Wow! These photos are absolutely gorgeous, and love your idea of creating a bucket list of places you want to travel. It inspires me to create my own and I guess the top of the list would be Brazil.

    • Hannah! Travel Bucket List Wednesday happens every week — submit your posts and lists if you want to be featured on my articles 🙂

  3. A fun collection of photos that inspire me to go to all the places you mention. Cappadoccia is high on my list as is Iceland especially with the mention of the Northern Lights which I’d travel anywhere for!

    • the Northern Lights … I get teary-eyed every time I remember my experience seeing them. Can’t wait to do it all over again. They SING! It’s amazing, they make sounds as they dance in the sky… I want to see them in Tromso, Norway next time 🙂

  4. Beautiful and what a great list! We visited Iceland a couple of months ago and LOVED it! The summer landscape is absolutely amazing! Riding one of those balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey is high up on my list (maybe not in winter though). So many little time and money 🙂

  5. A fun collection of photos that inspire me to visit all the places you mention. Cappadocia is certainly high on my list and Iceland is creeping up there especially with the mention of the northern lights which I’d love to see from anywhere I can!

    • You must visit Iceland — it truly surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to love it so much. The landscapes are simply breathtaking

  6. Interesting how much a photo influences how much you want to go to a place. By looking at those photos I’d head to southern China and Cappadocia in winter.

    • Actually, I visited Iceland in the winter (December!), and it wasn’t as bad as one would think. In fact, it was MUCH colder in Boston!

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