Vieques Best Beaches: A Puerto Rican weighs in (video and photos)

It’s Beach Thursday and today I decided to finally talk about Vieques best beaches. Following up on my press trip to Puerto Rico this month, I’ll describe some of my favorite spots and how they’ve changed since I visited La Isla Nena 3 years ago. Old favorites have gone down, while new favorites have emerged. Read about which are Vieques best beaches and why from a local perspective.

Blue Beach (La Chiva): Once upon a time…

I’m starting with Blue Beach because this has been an all-time favorite spot of mine. In fact, it claimed the # 1 spot in my Vieques Best Beaches list. All I used to think about was a mix of sheer turquoise and glistening prisms on the water, clear blue skies, and powdery sand between my toes. Best of all? Solitude. A place to reflect. A place to love.

Unfortunately, that is not the Blue Beach of today. Seems like many others, seeking for the same type of paradise, found themselves at Blue Beach. While its beauty will never vanish (unless people start acting like pigs), it is not the tucked-away cove I once loved. It is now quite popular with tourists and locals alike. With them, Blue Beach’s magic has disappeared in my eyes. Why do I mention it, then? Because it is not a crowded mess yet, I would still go back in a heartbeat. However, only if I want to bathe at a beautiful spot. That’s it. It is not a place to marvel at something special anymore.

No facilities available. Easy access, so bringing a small cooler shouldn’t be a problem here.

La Chiva, Vieques best beaches

Deserted Blue Beach? Not anymore (Tony, Flickr)

Garcia Beach: My new favorite

Oh, how lucky we were to have been told about this spot! It is so hard to get to, especially after a storm, that many people give up halfway through the muddy path. Thanks to a mix of luck and stubbornness, we got to enjoy one of Vieques best beaches.

Those seeking for adventure, yet thrive in relaxation after a great workout will truly love Playuela, also known as Garcia Beach. The trek is fun and once you finally get to the beach, it is the beauty. In fact, it reminds me a lot of how Blue Beach used to be. There were only 2 other couples there when we arrived, yet all of them left within 30 min. The water can get a little wavy, but that was fun for us. We drank and we swam; we played and we taped. Honestly, it is hard for me to put into words how beautiful the spot is. How much I enjoyed even the getting-there part. You just got to see it. Special thanks to our host José from Acacia Guesthouse for telling us about and letting us borrow his little piece of paradise!

No facilities in the vicinity. Also, bringing a cooler can prove to be a challenge, so simply take some goodies in a small backpack for the day and you’re set.

Playuela beach path, Vieques Best Beaches

Once you get through this…

…you finally get to this:

Playuela Vieques Best Beaches

You’re here! Welcome to Playuela, aka Garcia Beach, Vieques

Secret Beach: New discovery

Another pleasant surprise was Secret Beach, also known as Pata Prieta. Again, another wonderful recommendation by our fabulous host José. While there’s nothing secret about this spot, it didn’t feel terribly crowded. Also, the water is “como un plato” — Puerto Rican slang for describing a sea so calm that it resembles a plate. Better yet? It is so easy to get to. I would highly recommend Pata Prieta Beach to families with kids and anyone seeking to calm, inviting place to lounge at. Also, there’s a reef nearby, so if you snorkel, bring your own equipment.

A piece of advice, though? Checkout the photo below. Look at the furthest point of the coast look closely. See the people? They tend to conglomerate by the entrance of the cove. Walk along the shore for a couple of minutes and you’ll feel like you’ve arrived to a different beach (as the photo attests)! Watch the video below the photo for more information.

While Pata Prieta beach is very accessible, there are no facilities nearby either. Thus, bringing a cooler with your own food and drinks is a must.

Pata Prieta, Vieques best Beaches

Secret Beach by Sandcastlematt, Flickr

Red Beach: Honorable mention

If you are looking for a good parking lot, picnic tables, and other creature comforts I recommend Red Beach. Most widely known as Playa Caracas, it is far too crowded for my liking, but some people are into that. It is another great family beach with calm, beautiful waters. Thus, it is an honorable mention on this week’s Vieques Best Beaches list.

Red Beach, Vieques best beaches

Red Beach, Vieques best beaches (angelaortizmusic, Flickr)

Another piece of advice: I recommend you visit Red Beach instead of Sun Bay if you’re looking for facilities. Unless you want to camp, Sun Bay is not that nice by Vieques standards. I mean, if you only visit Sun Bay, you might as well have stayed in the mainland and enjoy San Juan’s nicer beaches. Just just being an honest local here…

Sun Bay, Vieques Best Beaches

Sun Bay after a rainy day

And Part 1 of a local’s Vieques Best Beaches list comes to a close! For more of the best of the best of Vieques though, check out the special article I wrote for My Destination Puerto Rico here.

Have your own Vieques Best Beaches list? Which are your favorites?

12 thoughts on “Vieques Best Beaches: A Puerto Rican weighs in (video and photos)

  1. Your pictures of Garcia Beach (and the trek to it) remind me a lot of Fraser Island in Australia. World’s biggest sand island and very VERY bumpy getting to the inland beaches.

    So beautiful!

    • Really? Sounds great! Will def. have Fraser Island in mind when I finally make it to Australia 🙂

      Beautiful indeed!

  2. Ahh I LOVE your posts on Puerto Rico! These beaches all look stunning – especially Garcia Beach! Going to have to look into how much flights are from the US to Puerto Rico as I’ll be in the area next year. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    • Oh, you must make it down when you’re in the U.S.! Flights are cheaper from FL or NYC. They hover around $300-350 year-round, unless you find some deals around $250. Let me know when you book! 😉

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