Puerto Rico random facts: On food, the people, and motels (photo essay)

Welcome to Cultural Tidbits Monday! I’m back from my press trip/family vacay. While I have shared the political & cultural background of PR with you, today I’m sharing some Puerto Rico random facts.

Post co-authored by my partner Blaine, a gringo who visited La Isla Del Encanto for the first time last week. The following are observations made by him, confirmed by me (a local).

Puerto Rico random facts about food, the people, and culture

DonQ rum, Puerto Rico random facts

DonQ Cristal: Best Puerto Rican rum (Photo: Juliflex, Flickr)

F**k Bacardi–DonQ Cristal is the best rum of all time.

Road signs? Optional! Maybe this explains the reckless driving. People are just lost! No…?

Police blockades, just to check for the license/registration of every single passing vehicle, are commonplace. Yes, even on busy highways. Yes, they are the royal traffic jam that you imagine.

Tripleta sandwich, Puerto Rico random facts

A sumptuous example of what a Puerto Rican tripleta sandwich can look like. This joint by my rents’ house included pernil (pork), ham, and steak smothered in a honey mayo-ketchup sauce between a soft, chewy Puerto Rican bread called “pan sobao”

Get a tripleta everywhere you go. The best Puerto Rican food staple you will find, it is made very differently from spot to spot.

The better food, better women, and better beaches are outside tourist areas (or hard spots to get to)

El Morro view, Puerto Rico random facts

A few more steps and I would have been SPLAT (Photo: Me and views of Old San Juan from El Morro fort)

At El Morro Fort in Old San Juan, you can play anywhere you want. As of, climb any wall and you are free to fall, as you wish!

Be nice to most — everyone is related in some way.

Motels in Puerto Rico are fun–and they are not used for sleeping. Google them (or wait ’til I write about them later this month).

Hotel OK motel, Puerto Rico random facts

View from the bed at a Puerto Rican motel. Hmmm…

If you speak Spanish, people will treat you better and be less defensive. No real racism–it’s a simple truth. They are nice to tourists, but nicer to those who speak their language.

100% Puerto Ricans come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and beliefs (red heads included).

There’s a badass German bar & rest. in the middle of nowhere, by the central mountains. Waaay high up. And it is awesome (Casa Bavaria, video below)

Got more Puerto Rico random facts? Share them on a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Puerto Rico random facts: On food, the people, and motels (photo essay)

  1. Looks like motels in Puerto Rico are similar to motels in Chile (not that I’ve ever been in one…no, really, I never have, they kind of gross me out). There are a couple famous ones here that have crazy themed rooms that are even more over the top than the photo you posted.

    • We have way more over-the-top themed rooms and such in many motels in PR — I’m just saving those for the actual Motels in PR article I’ll write soon! 😉 Interesting to see that Chile has them, too. Latin thing I guess?

    • Hahaha! Kick-start the lessons with my Puerto Rican slang video post, then chat with me to practice. As of traveling with me, I’m probably going somewhere for Labor Day weekend. Maybe New Orleans? Tell me is that appeals to you 😉

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