Keystone Colorado summer: The beautiful TBEX 2012 host

As promised, today I introduce you to the beautiful TBEX 2012Β host town. Warning though: These Keystone Colorado summer photos will make you want to hop on a plane before you even prepare for the high altitude! πŸ˜‰ By the way, I’ll give you some tips on how to avoid (or greatly diminish) altitude sickness next week. For now, here are some reasons why an off-season trip to secluded Keystone is worth it!

1. Breathtaking scenery

This one is a given. I mean, look at these pictures. The mountains and picturesque country architecture are worth seeing any time of the year.

Keystone Colorado summer town

Keystone Lake in the summer (slack12, Flickr)

Keystone Colorado summer view

“View from Keystone Mountain” (RaSchi, Flickr)

Keystone Colorado summer panorama

Keystone Colorado summer panorama (slack12, Flickr)

2. Excellent weather

A Keystone Colorado summer will grace you with sunny days and a refreshing cool breeze. Nights may be chilly due to the high altitude, but nothing that a coat can’t fix. But honestly? If you are outside, it’s likely that you’re partaking in an activity that will keep your body warm πŸ˜‰ plus, another great excuse to start a bonfire!

Keystone Colorado summer Loveland pass

“Loveland pass near Keystone, CO” (RaSchi, Flickr)

3. Outdoor activities abound–even in the summer!

If you visit Keystone off-season (as I did), there are still plenty of other outdoor activities to partake in. Cycle the trails, take a hot air balloon ride, go white water rafting or visit a nearby national park such as the Rocky MountainΒ (1.5 hours away)Β or hike the Mesa Cortina.

Rocky Mountain National Park summer

“Rocky Mountain National Park: View from Many Parks Curve” (wallyg, Flickr)

4. Romantic, relaxing getaways

Keystone surroundings scream romance–and relaxation. Fellow bloggers Michael Tieso and Stephanie Yoder got engaged by one of the viewpoints in Breckenridge. On the other hand, I traveled solo and preferably enjoyed unwinding in the silence, taking in the views between sessions during the TBEX conference weekend. In fact, I’m sad I couldn’t stay any longer to book some spa treatments and do some yoga by one of the viewpoints!

Keystone Colorado vicinity, yoga

Photo: Mark Donoher, Flickr

In short, whether you’re looking for an adventure holiday, the perfect place to proposed to your loved one, or a relaxing weekend getaway: A Keystone Colorado summer has it all!

Have you experienced a Keystone Colorado summer? Comment below!

26 thoughts on “Keystone Colorado summer: The beautiful TBEX 2012 host

  1. Oh my gosh…I just live in the next state over…we too have some great places to visit but seeing your pictures I am definetly going to try and go to visit Keystone.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Looks like a beautiful setting and like everyone had a great time.

    I was going to go, but a month in New Zealand that ended less than a week before (and the fact that I’m hardly a successful blogger) caused me to have to give away my ticket.

    • Aww — I hope I get to see you at TBEX next year then! TBEX is not only about “big bloggers,” but also bloggers that have travel-related (or just location-independent) careers. The networking was a blessing for my nomadic translation career! About 2 contracts and many other “maybes” came to fruition πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve been to Keystone twice during the winter. These pictures and all the other TBEX posts have inspired me to make a trip there when it’s not snowing. So beautiful! I’m still sad about missing TBEX but glad all of you had a blast.

    • I have to go in the winter, although I feel like it might be a little too cold for this Puerto Rican πŸ˜‰ Cant wait for TBEX next year, I hope you make it then!

    • It’s a beautiful place isn’t it? Most photos are from some talented photographers on Flickr (Creative Commons), though πŸ˜‰ unfortunately, my camera died before I could truly grasp the beauty of Keystone!

    • Uou must make it to the next TBEX. Even the big players agreed that this is, by far, the best travel conference they’ve ever attended–and it will only get better from here! I can’t wait to go next year

  4. I was at Keystone, and I too I wish that I could have spent more time after the conference to enjoy the area more! The mountains were beautiful and the temperature was perfect. I’m glad that you enjoyed the weekend too.

    • Same here Allison. I’m happy to see that pretty much every attendee had a great time at TBEX and enjoyed the beautiful location. I wish I didn’t have to get back to work so quickly! I wanted to cycle the trails and partake in more outdoor activities there

  5. I’ve spent a lot of time skiing at Keystone and always ended up exploring elsewhere in Colorado in the summer. Sounds like TBEX got perfect weather – which is a good thing because it’s supposed to be triple digits in Boulder in the next 2 days.

    • Whoa, that’s hot. Indeed, Keystone was perfectly warm, yet refreshing–great summer weather! You should visit

    • Oh, these are some marvelous shots captured by some talented Flickr photographers (Creative Commons) πŸ˜‰ in addition to my camera dying, the weekend was too much of the whirlwind and I couldn’t enjoy the surroundings as much as I wanted. We’ll have to head back for sure!

    • it was such a wonderful, inspiring weekend. Make sure you a) visit Keystone at some point and b) go to the next TBEX!

  6. Keystone was a beauty, that was for sure. I’m not sure we met, either! Too bad! The weekend was a worldwind and I’m finally starting to digest everything that I learned at the conference.

    • like you said, the weekend was a whirlwind and with over 700+ attendees, it was impossible to meet everyone we wanted. Another excuse to try to catch up on the next TBEX eh? πŸ˜‰

  7. You captured it perfectly! I am sad to say I don’t think we met at TBEX. I am also sad to say that I did not discover the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory until the last day.

    • Happy to hear so Jessica! I am sad about both things to mention–I can’t even believe that it is in know about the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at all! So many reasons to come back eh?

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