Iceland waterfalls photos: Photo essay of my favorites

Happy Friday! For FriFotos this week, I decided to share some Iceland waterfalls photos that I have not posted on LatinAbroad yet. Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing in Iceland is definitively one of my top trips to date. Those 7 days, albeit frozen and windy, were fabulous. Iceland is like a different planet and I’ll always be in love with its foreign landscapes and incredible geography. I can’t wait to go back!

If you rather go straight to the FROZEN waterfalls, goto bottom of this post! 😉

Skogafoss face formation

Loved this waterfall! Not only you can see it from the road and it gets more and more impressive the closer you get to it. Also, Skogafoss face formations are interesting and quite fun to photograph. I kissed that wild Icelandic local there…and I liked it.

Iceland waterfalls photos: Skogafoss face formation

Skogafoss face formation

Iceland waterfalls photos, Skogafoss face picking nose


Iceland waterfalls photos frozen Skogafoss

Me freezing, standing on lava rocks by Skogafoss. Look at that nice rainbow (on left) making an appearance!

Frozen Seljalandsfoss waterfall

While the flow of Seljalandsfoss waterfall during the winter is rather thin, what I love the most about it was its frozen surroundings. Being from Puerto Rico, I had never seen such a beautiful winter wonderland and it was my very first time seeing frozen landscapes in person. I was like a kid in Disney World! Water that spritzed on my hair froze instantly and I could simply not stop giggling. You can probably see that through these photos!

frozen Seljalandsfoss, Iceland waterfalls photos

Me walking toward frozen Seljalandsfoss. Such a beautiful winter wonderland!

frozen Seljalandsfoss river, Iceland

Frozen droplets on my hair! I had a giggles attack…

frozen Seljalandsfoss, Iceland waterfall photos

Me atop frozen Seljalandsfoss waterfall. I had to take some crazy, completely frozen stairs!

Gullfoss: Iceland’s most popular waterfall

Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s top attractions and for a good reason. These falls are stunning. They are the biggest I’ve seen on my travels actually. Yes, this means I haven’t visited the Niagara Falls, Angel Falls nor the Victoria Falls (yet!). And so, Gullfoss dropped my jaw gently 🙂 Once again, the beautiful frosting was indeed the perfect topping.

Gullfoss Iceland waterfall photos

River and frozen Gullfoss upon our arrival

frozen Gullfoss Iceland waterfalls photos

frozen Gullfoss in all its glory

frozen Gullfoss Iceland waterfalls photos

Gullfoss and Marcello!

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Have you visited any Iceland waterfalls? Which is your favorite?


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4 thoughts on “Iceland waterfalls photos: Photo essay of my favorites

  1. Wow! Great photos! It’s so interesting to see how much different it looks in the winter. When we were there, it was the heat of the summer (well, heat for Iceland) – a very different experience than what you had. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • I must agree with you Lance. In fact, I can’t wait to see Iceland in the summer myself! Hopefully this year 😀

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