Travel bucket list ideas, photos: Aogashima, Dali’s home, and more!

It’s Travel Bucket List Wednesday again! My favorite daydream time of the week. My travel bucket list additions today are mostly places that I have never seen a blogger talk about (minus the Dalí house, perhaps). How new they were to me (first time I ever saw most of them!) made me quite excited about this post. See my entire travel bucket list here and share yours by the end of this post!

Aogashima island – Japan

Located in the Philippine sea, Aogashima island literally dropped my jaw! I mean, just look at that photo *points below*! Whoa! What’s more is that despite its 4 submarine calderas, it is actually inhabited. By the by, this island also made it to my travel bucket list because of how difficult it is to visit (and to leave). The population and its culture must be different feasts in themselves. Seasonal sports fishing and tourism, in addition to agriculture, sustain the few dwellers in Aogashima island. Another interesting fact: There’s only one school in the island, with grades from elementary school to junior high.

travel bucket list ideas, Aogashima island


Salvador Dalí’s house museum – Cadaqués, Catalonia

I absolutely adore Salvador Dalí. Ever since I first spotted one of his paintings in Spanish history class back in elementary school, I was intrigued and never forgot his name (or eccentric works). So if you tell me you are able to visit his home, now turned into a museum in Catalonia, I’ll be all over it! His work in an actual building he designed himself? Yes! As you would expect, his quarters are a reflection of his paintings and sculptures, plus the museum also features some of his unfinished works. I can’t wait to finally cross this item off my travel bucket list! I’m sure my camera will run out of memory that day…

The Door to Hell – Turkmenistan

Really looks like the door to hell. And it is in freakin’ Turkmenistan?! Heck to the yes – in fact, I want to take a micro-flight over it! I wonder if that’s possible…

travel bucket list ideas, Door to Hell

Whoaaa! (flydime, Flickr)

Thor’s Well – Cape Perpetua, Oregon

Yet another natural wonder joins my extensive travel bucket list this week. I’m not quite sure whether it is as impressive as the picture below suggests, but I still want to make it there. Plus, there’s always Portland…which I haven’t had a chance to visit yet either…

travel bucket list ideas, Thor's Well

It is best, and naturally the most dangerous, to visit during the winter storms. Woo!

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7 thoughts on “Travel bucket list ideas, photos: Aogashima, Dali’s home, and more!

  1. UH!!! More to add to my existing bucket list…hope I live long enough to see all these places. But, oh, what a wonderful way to go…fulfilling my bucket list! Thanks for sharing these awesome destinations.

    • such a journey worth going on! So long we seize the day, miss everyday assisted where our last, travel as much as we can, stop making excuses, then, oh then, even if we don’t get to see all of it, will be proud of our lives! To me, that’s the most important bucket list item of all.

      Glad you enjoyed the inspiration Marie 🙂

  2. Aogashima makes me think of some place where dinosaurs still live, or failing that, some sort of Jurassic Park type scenario. I wish I got a chance to get out there when I was living in Japan… but I guess that can wait for the next time!

    • Never been to Oregon, and honestly, this was the first time I heard of such a tourist attraction there (aside, of course, from Portland!). Can’t wait to finally hit the west coast–can u believe I’ve never been!?

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