Things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico: Beach Thursday photo essay

This week’s Beach Thursday post is a photo essay about the things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico. One of my favorite beach towns, I love its narrow roads that hug the ocean and the many hidden beaches to choose from. Also, it happens to be the doorway to the outlaying islands of Vieques and Culebra, which I will talk about in the coming weeks. Let’s discover Fajardo’s great food and spectacular scenery!

The Governor’s House Reserve

This claims the top spot of things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico! Now legal to enter, the sign is battered and the policemen that actually found my friends and I while there were simply checking us girls out whilst telling us to not pass a certain mark. Oh, yes, because we walked so far into the reserve that we actually found the secret Governor’s Beach House — as of the “Camp David” of the Governor of Puerto Rico…

This is the reason why I have personally named this “unidentified” natural spot as “The Governor’s House Reserve” XD 😛 Ha! What an adventure. Only way of reaching this beauty is by walking for 30-40 mins. through the coast (from Seven Seas Beach). Water, rocks, bushes, and narrow dirt paths. This is how your trail should look like (read the photo captions for detailed instructions, by the way!)

things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico, Seven Seas hidden beach

1. Walk toward the left of the entrance to the Seven Seas beach, until you see the rocky part. head that way (and take some photos with your friends on the way)

things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico, Seven Seas hidden beach path

2. After the ocean rock path, you go through a path like this…for like 30-40 minutes…

things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico, hidden beach

3. After ocean, rock, and bushy path, you encounter this…but there are some people here already. Thus, keep walking, toward the left side of that beach

things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico, hidden beach waters

(this is the “oleaje peligroso” or “dangerous shorebreak” the sign warns you about, by the way)

things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico, hidden beach reserve

4. Walk 15 minutes more…aaand here! Hope you made it!! 😀

things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico, hidden beach reserve 2

Ahhh, the beauty of my Puerto Rico, la Isla Del Encanto

Walk a little further and you won’t see any bathers. At all. Enjoy! 😉

Bioluminescent Bay or Lagoon

things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico, Bioluminescent bay


There are only 5 bioluminescent bays or lagoons in the world, from which a whooping 3 are located in Puerto Rico. One of them is in Fajardo and you can kayak there at night. My advice, of course, is for you to book a tour in order to reach the best area to see the bioluminescence. It is a truly magical experience.

I believe Vieques’ Mosquito Bay has healthier organisms, making the glow stronger, so you should head there if you can only visit one of the bays. You may reach La Isla Nena by a short flight or simply pay the $4.00-round-trip ferry ride.

Icacos, Palomino and Palominito Cays

things to do in Fajardo Puerto-Rico, Icacos

View from a beach in Icacos (Photo: Jeff Gunn, Flickr)

Speaking of boat rides, you should ither befriend some Puerto Ricans and/or hitch a boat ride to the islets (or cays) of Icacos, Palomino or Palominito. If you seek an isolated beach (other than the “Governor’s Reserve”! 😉 haha), Icacos is the least crowded of the 3, as you can only get there via private boat.

Conversely, Palomino and Palominito are so well known that too many locals and now even tourists on tours from the nearby 5-Star El Conquistador Resort flood their tiny coasts daily. Still, if you like a good vibe, the latter have gorgeous beaches and offer more activities. Icacos is better suited for those seeking to just drink with locals and be lazy at a beach with few visitors. The choice is yours!

Fajardo Town Square

Last days in town and just wish to unwind? Plaza de Fajardo (Town Square) is a perfect place to read a book, look at colonial Spanish architecture (i.e. the Santiago Apostol Cathedral) and/or simply people watch. The characters of el pueblo are interesting and very photogenic, so be sure to drop by, photographers! 😉

Las Cabezas de San Juan Lighthouse and Reserve

things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico, Las Cabezas Lighthouse

“View of the Northeast Ecological Corridor and El Yunque National Forest as seen from the Lighthouse at the Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve” (Wiki Commons)

A natural reserve with mangroves that happens to be the home of one of the oldest lighthouses of Puerto Rico. Enough said? 🙂

La Estación Restaurant

things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico, La Estacion restaurant

Red snapper with all things homemade. Yum! (Photo: Tripadvisor)

Eating the street food and/or dropping by a local restaurant right in front of the sea whilst visiting Seven Seas beach is a given. However, after a long day sun baking, do yourself a favor by eating at La Estación in order to close the night with broche de oro.

This amazing restaurant cooks homemade BBQ and seafood that is to die for. They use some traditional cooking methods as well, in addition to making their own salad dressings and sauces. Please try the Lobster or Mahi Mahi Mofongo — and go right up to Puerto Rican food heaven.

What are your favorite things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico now? 😉

19 thoughts on “Things to do in Fajardo Puerto Rico: Beach Thursday photo essay

  1. I live 1 block away from the lanchas en fajardo it was a beautiful experience alot of mosquitos I went thru but it was a beautiful scenery in the lanchas in 4th of july my kids went to school near by

    • it is definitely fun! but yeah, you always have to beware of those nasty mosquitoes anywhere on the island: they are vicious!

  2. Beautiful beach! We visited San Juan while on a cruise but didn’t have time to see much outside the Old Town. Must get back to Puerto Rico!!

  3. No he pasado mucho tiempo en Fajardo, excepto para coger la lancha para ir a Culebra o Vieques… Debería hacer una visita un día de estos! A ver si encuentro la “Governor’s House Reserve”! Great post 🙂

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