Travel Bucket List Day: Dreams and posts, submitted by YOU!

Happy #TravelBL everyone! It’s Travel Bucket List Wednesday, the time of the week where on LatinAbroad blog, travel dreams come to life in order to propel them that much closer to reality.

Medinat Habu, Egypt travel bucket list

Seeing the Medinat Habu temple - check!

I don’t know about you, but every time I write a Travel Bucket List Wednesday post I am reminded of all the hard work and long days I’m putting into developing my digital nomad careers (yes, more than one!). Getting experience as a translator & manager at this company to subsequently get certified this summer; picking up all types of assignments to bulk up my bilingual travel writing portfolio…AND frequently updating my three blogs all while holding a full-time in-office position…YIKES! Reading your posts are a great break, reminders of what is about to come. Keep dreamin’ and keep WORKIN’ for those dreams — never falter! When you feel like quitting your goals, it is usually when you are THE closest to them! So push on — and read Paulo Coelho’s “El Alquimista” or The Alchemist in English. Trust me, while all has been said before, this inspiring fable will keep you sane and help you on that great endeavor of making your dreams a reality.

And WHOA I went on a tangent today! XD Seriously though, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for me…so I needed to push you and motivate you through this post in order to push and motivate myself. I have thought about quitting and succumbing, either to just be yet another grounded translator or to have a regular “hobo” life now, like many other travel bloggers. But the way I’m going about things, whilst slower, will bring much more gratification later. I’m even saving for retirement, starting to invest, all while paying off debt, saving for my future grand journeys and developing my careers…So yes, encouraging words of wisdom and inspiration on how you became a digital nomad will sure help me heaps nowadays. Please leave those on a comment below 🙂 And now, with no more preambles:

night diving with giant manta rays, travel bucket list

On Sarah's travel bucket list: "Kona night diving with giant manta rays" (Photo: Chris Wilson, Flickr)

Sarah’s travel bucket list (@travelingneko on Twitter)

I loved Sarah’s list! Many of her destinations were already on my own travel bucket list, while some of her animal encounters she dreams of having are now my new additions. Perfect example of this is night diving in Kona, Hawaii with giant manta rays. After seeing many pictures, this is something I definitely want to try out!

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea travel bucket list

Projected to open in April 2012, the Ryugyong Hotel is poised to become the world's tallest (Photo: adaptorplug, Flickr)

Derek’s travel bucket list (@the_HoliDaze on Twitter) 

Described as “a truly epic bucket list, one fit for a lifelong vagabond or sufferers of wanderlust” by the author himself, Derek’s travel bucket list is actually an annual event. For the entire 2012, he has/will be tweeting one travel bucket list item every day with the hashtag #TBBL. On the link above, you will find how far along the list he is today. My favorite item so far? Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, as it is the “tallest building you’ve never heard of.” The hermit kingdom has been in my own travel bucket list for quite some time, so it’s great to cross several items off my list at one.

Mongolia nomads, travel bucket list

"The nomads have traded their horses for motorcycles. Solar power is also pretty popular at Gobi ger camps" --interesting! Different from what a Westerner like me might think (Photo and caption: maschnitz, Flickr)

Kelsey’s travel bucket list (@KelseyIvey on Twitter)

Kelsey’s travel dreams are among the most common – visit the Galapagos Islands, hike to Everest base camp, jump off a waterfall, etc. The one item off her list that really caught my eye was “living with nomads in Mongolia.” Now she just gave me the most refreshing idea to add to my own travel bucket list: Live with nomads in Mongolia for a full month. Volunteering, helping them, learning their ways and about their culture in the process. How fascinating would that be?!

What’s on your travel bucket list? Submit your post on a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List Day: Dreams and posts, submitted by YOU!

  1. Acabo de encontrar tu blog y te quería decir que me encanta! Llevo 6 meses y pico en Puerto Rico… Nunca he hecho un bucket list pero creo que ya es hora! Por ahora tengo una lista de cosas que quiero hacer antes de cumplir los 30.. I’m following! 🙂

  2. Thanks very much for the mention, I am honored. Also always interesting to read about other people’s bucket list aspirations. It is a good way to learn of new destinations while also being a reminder to get in touch with the world and to do good as you travel; It is not always in the sights, but also in the journey — like volunteering or getting your TESOL certification.

    Interesting, didn’t know DPRK was also on your bucket list. I failed to get my request and deposit in by the Jan 31st cutoff date however, so I won’t be in North Korea for their centennial on April 15th, 2012… 🙁

    • Hey Derek! Yeah, I read about that on your blog, I was so sad! If I would have known about the centennial games I would have also applied, but all too late now! Still, it’s def on my bucket list to attend the games no matter the year, too. Maybe we can do a tweet up there 😛 ha! 😉

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