Europe trip through the eyes of a 17 year old! Pt 3: Austria

For Travel Tuesday this week, I am resuming my travel mini series “Europe trip through the eyes of a 17 year old.” It consists of a compilation of posts & photos from my first travel journal, first published on Kiwibox back in 2005. Here are the pages I wrote during my very first trip outside the U.S. & Puerto Rico, as a newbie 17-year-old blogger with no real English training or travel experience. The photo essays may be cute and humorous…or just plain quirky haha 😛 Below, part three!

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PART 1: Rothenburg, Germany

PART 2: Neuschwanstein + Munich, Germany

Note: Grammar, writing style have not been edited: That’s the whole point! 😉

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Europe trip 2005

June.12th.2OO5 (cont.) Since we are nearly done with Germany, here are some hilights of the country, IMO -I liked the countryside better than the city (except for Munich! That was *awesome* -I found very few nice Germans; most dislike us 🙁 -The things I loved most: Munich (everything), Rothenburg (cute and very nice ppl!), the Italian waiter @ the ristorante who was so nice/cute/sweet, both castles we went to, and all of the personnel @ Tutti Frutti! 😀 -Too much grass :p -The houses are cute -Our hotel in Ausburg SUCKED BIG TIME -Our hotel in Rothenburg was *cute* June.13th.2OO5Off from the hotel to our 12-hour drive to Italy (or so!?); we are stopping for 2 hours in Austria tho. Anymoo, I had like a kind of ‘breakfast date’ with Mike :p he afterwards asked me for a hug and that’s the last time we saw each other *sniffs* :p but there’s no way that can be compared with Darryl’s, nuh-uh. Anyways, I think I’ll take a nap now.


We are arriving to Innsbruck right now. Gah, I lost most of the views ‘cause I fell *deeply* asleep *pouts*. Oh well, I could catch a few and let me tell ya, Austria is GORGEOUS! This is a valley surrounded by the Alps and many mountains, also pretty buildings and all; simply amazing, ich liebe es! 😉 (I think that’s “I’m lovin’’ it” in German, lol)


Back to the bus and resuming our road trip to Italy. We spent 2 hours @ Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria 😀 omg, it was too great! And the souvenirs’ prices were very nice, but didn’t have enough euros so couldn’t buy anything *pouts*. We went to a lil’ city and beautiful park, then went around town and also visited the *Swavroski Crystals* place (that was AWESOME! I have to wait for my friends to send me their pics, aince I didn’t have enough cam memory by then). But wow, back to the views…just *too beautiful*! I mean geez!

Austria (or I better say, Innsbruck :p) hilights

-BREATH-TAKING, I mean just too freakin’ gorgeous -I would have liked MUCH BETTER to have spent all of those days we did in Germany here in Austria instead -The climate is just PERFECT! (hot, but the wind makes it warm and cool; no cold wind chill AT ALL) -I could freakin’ live here -Did I already mentioned that it was just *beautiful*!?


Right now we are passing through the highest bridge of Europe. I hope someone takes freakin’ PICTURES! And seriously, this is DAMN high. Weeee.

Europe trip 2005, Austria arrival

Me in front of some building I liked @ Innsbruck. Oh and, that’s my “He loves me…” and in the back “…I love his friend” tee 😀

Europe trip 2005, Austrian Alps

See how gorgeous u can see the Alps in the background?! =D

Europe trip 2005, around Innsbruck

me around Innsbruck – loved it!

Europe trip 2005, Innsbruck streets again

Innsbruck streets again

Europe trip 2005, Austria-Italy road trip

Spectacular views just shortly after we crossed the border from Austria to Italy

Europe trip 2005, entering Italy road trip views

So this is Italy (?)

Reflections after reading through my past: Funny how much we change through the years, right? I could not help but think, wow, how crappy my digital camera was back then, too!? XD I remember having a very noisy, perfect-square-shaped mini Polaroid, one of the first [affordable] digital cameras to hit Walgreens. It cost me like $89 and I bought ti right before my Euro trip. Haha, the memories!

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Do you remember your first Europe trip ?  How was it?

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