FriFotos: London Chinatown

Hey-oh! Just a little taste of this wonderful Friday here, participating in FriFotos theme “China” by posting the only ones I got from my travels that are somewhat remotely Asian: London’s Chinatown. My intense weekend starts tonight with pre-games and pre-Gasparilla celebrations, so this will be the last post from me ’til the weekend is done. As you already know, Tampa Bay’s Mardi Gras happens tomorrow! Friends have already flown down and I’m going to be quite busy hosting and prepping eggs & kegs + blueberry pancake Jell-O shots for guests. Hope you have a wonderful time and if you are partaking in the local Gasparilla festivities: Be safe and don’t drink and drive! 😉 Hallaaaaaaa

London Chinatown

me by the entrance of London's Chinatown!

London Chinatown

Detailed work - only Chinese "archway" I've ever witnessed (for now)!

Chinatown in London

I wonder what that says - anyone?

bustling Chinatown in London

bustling Chinatown in London

FriFotos, London's Chinatown

me getting a little taste of Chinese architecture

red booth London Chinatown

the infamous red phone booths are everywhere in London, even Chinatown!

What’s your favorite Chinatown in the world? Why?

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