#TravelBL chat round-up & travel bucket list photos – Oct. 12th

Missed #TravelBL aka Travel Bucket List chat yesterday? No worries! Here’s a round-up of what happened on both sessions so you get a taste of the fun. Don’t forget to join us next week at noon and 6:15 pm (EST), using #TravelBL so you can share your travel bucket list items and get inspired by others!

This week’s theme was TREKKING/HIKING. Grab a pen and add your favorites to that travel bucket list of yours! **Questions formulated by yours truly, @latinAbroad =)

Travel bucket list Franz Glacier

Hiking Franz Josef Glacier

Q1. The best hikes/treks you’ve done?

“Cares Gorge in the Picos de Europas, Pembrokeshire Coastal Path….isn’t everywhere beautiful?” –@eurapart

“The trek to Franz Glacier in NZ” @elatlboy

If Petra is considered a “trek” or good hike, then yes! –@latinAbroad

“This is an easy one, as you know. Kili in 2009 with a group of Vision Impaired climbers” –@Mackinnontweets

“Hiking in the Tatra Mountains in Poland. Fantastic views!” –@jettingaround

Travel bucket list Kilimanjaro

Sign at Uhuru Peak, Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

Q2. Would you rather book through a company or organize the trek yourself?

“I’m DIY all the way!” –@VacationFun

 “Depends on the trek and the difficulty. Unless its a day trek I feel more comfortable with a guide” –@LAbackpackrChik

“I’d rather go by myself – I see more and get lost all the time!” –@SpinAroundWorld

“Book it. Too many unknowns” –@goodtravellife

Travel bucket list Cinque Terre

hiking Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy (Photo: Idéfix at nl.wikipedia)

Q3. “Ideal distance” of a trek or hike (to you)?

“A couple of hours would be good before lunch break!” –@LolaDiMarco

“Not sure about distance but a 3 day trek is a nice time average for me”  –@LAbackpackrChik

“We’re more like day-trekkers. Like our 1-day hike through Cinque Terre” –@GQtrippin

” The next trek I want to do is 45 days.. Cho-Oyu in Nepal” –@Mackinnontweets

Travel bucket list Cho Oyu, Nepal

Q4. What makes a trek “top-notch”? What makes it “just average”?

“All I want is views, peace & quiet, no crowds” –@jettingaround

“Miserable if u are not wearing the right shoes…!!!” –@latinAbroad

“The weather can make all the difference. If you are trekking in wet boots, it is not nearly as much fun” –@SpinAroundWorld

“Doing something challenging(ish) in a spot you can’t see every day. Unique experience. Would make it great” –@LolaDiMarco

Travel bucket list Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road, Australia (by Jon Hurd, Creative Commons)

Q5. Treks/Hikes on your travel bucket list?

“Great Ocean Road, Tasmania, NZ, Uluru, and of course Machu Picchu” –@emeraldcitytooz

“Would love to do Torres del Paine in Chile. Been there but cldnt do the hike that time” –@ilivetotravel

“Mera Peak, Cho-Oyu, Island Peak, Machu Picchu, Kokoda Trail, The full length of the Great Wall…TBC” –@Mackinnontweets

“The Alps, Yellowstone, Patagonia (this one the sooner, the better =D )” –@jettingaround


Travel bucket list Patagonia

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile (Creative Commons)

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