Travel bucket list of the week & #TravelBL chat round-up

Halla! This shall be the third weekly post including YOUR travel bucket lists, submitted last week on this blog. A little late I again yes, had my hands full again, as the BRAND-NEW LOOK of is expected to go LIVE next week! Exciting news after exciting news, I know! What a week huh!? Stay along for the ride because things with me just go from good to epic in 0000.1 milliseconds *wink* haha!

Anyhow! As last Thursday, I’m also including a round-up of what happened at both sessions of the #TravelBL chat yesterday. Topic was ROAD TRIPS & OVERLAND ADVENTURES so I myself added many items to my travel bucket list. Now grab a pen & keep expanding your travel bucket list!

For this week’s #TravelBL chat round-up, click here

Don’t forget to submit your travel bucket lists, links of your travel sites and Twitter handles on a comment below if you wish to be featured next week. There is no limit: As long as you post new items on your travel bucket list every week, I will feature you every time! So c’mon, get greedy here. And don’t forget to join us on the Twitter #TravelBL chat every Wednesday at 12 & 6:15 pm (EST)!

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Travel bucket list - space travel

Andi's travel bucket list item # 48 - "Travel to outer space" (Photo: Virgin Galactic)

Andi’s travel bucket list
You’ll be inspired by her list if you like: Outdoors, long-term travel

Travel bucket list Chris and Tawny

Chris and Tawny: "Receive sak yant tattoos in Thailand" (crossed off!)

* Chris and Tawny’s travel bucket list
You’ll be inspired by their list if you like: Swimming, wildlife, cultural experiences

Ted's Travel bucket list

On Ted's travel bucket list: Denali National Park (Photo: Wiki Commons)

* Ted’s travel bucket list
You’ll be inspired by his list if you like: Swimming, wildlife, cultural experiences

Travel bucket list Galapagos diving

Diving in the Galapagos - on my travel bucket list! (Photo: Teresa Subi)

* Swim with whales, mantas, sharks, dolphins, seals, etc. – Galapagos, Palau, Indonesia, AU

Swimming with manatees was amazing, but that wasn’t enough to cross off this travel bucket list item of mine. See, I’m greedy when it comes to this one: I want to swim with all kinds of creatures! Whale sharks, manta rays, actual sharks, dolphins, seals, etc. etc. (new ideas are ALWAYS welcome!). Well, no better place to do so than around the Galapagos, Palau or the giant Indonesian archipelago! So many sites, so little time. Thank God I’m only 24, because this item will take a while to fully cross it off my travel bucket list!

Travel bucket list - swimming with manatees

Swimming with manatees - crossed off!

For more items of my own travel bucket list, you may click here

What are you waiting for?! Go run to your blog, put together that awesome travel bucket list of yours and come back here to share it with us. Be part of the new, exciting #TravelBL Wednesdays! And of course, feel free to use hashtag #TravelBL any other time of the week when tweeting your items – you’ll get a guaranteed RT from me!

“Their farewell message as they signed off: ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish.’
And I’ve always wished that for myself. And now, I wish that for you: Stay hungry. Stay foolish.'”
-Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

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  1. Yayyyy – because, that’s the point! 😉 Feel free to come back and post your travel bucket list link again with your newly-added items + tell us who inspired you to add those!

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