Romantic destinations: #TravelBL chat round-up, Sept.28th

Missed #TravelBL chat this past Wednesday? No worries! Here’s a round-up of what happened on both sessions so you get a taste of the fun *wink* don’t forget to join us next week at noon and 6:15 pm (EST) so you share your travel bucket list items! This weeks theme was Romantic travel bucket lists, by the way. Grab a pen and add your favorites to that list!

Q1. What’s your idea of a romantic destination?

“Red wine, candles, GIANT heart shaped bed on a beach, Barry white music and strawberries” –@LegendaryExist

“Dinner on the beach, with private 3 piece band and the chef serving” –@Mackinnontweets


Q2 Mention some romantic items on your travel bucket list 

“Kissing under the northern lights (aurora)” –@latinAbroad

“Picnic under the Eiffel tower, horseback ride on a beach” –@CaptainandClark

“Fireplace, Spa, Champagne, Great food and an amazing location” –@Mackinnontweets


Q3. What things would u take to increase romance on a holiday?

“I can immediately think of 5 things I wouldn’t take to increase romance – my 5 kids” -@hjortur

“Probably some sun oil that smells coconut like – good for tan, good for massage, sets the mood” –@LolaDiMarco

“Sexy lingerie anywhere works well” –@LAbackpackrChik

“Or perhaps what we should not bring? I say phone – turn it off, then walk, talk, cuddle” –@jettingaround


Q4. Top destinations on your romantic travel bucket list

“Go back to Santorini – with my husband instead of my sister this time!” –@LorraineTravels

“Anywhere remote with a beach… privacy and sunsets… ahhh, yes!” –@alexandraeh

“Patagonia, Paris, Venice, Tuscany, Greek Isles” -@ilivetotravel

“Sevilla, Spain. Dubrovnik Croatia. New York city just before Christmas” -@hjortur


Q5 If you could take anyone on a romantic getaway, who would it be? (get creative!)

“Bear Grylls… he makes survival look so good” –@alexandraeh

“Collin Farrell” –@MiraCristine

“Easy. Alexader Skarsgard. Abs & Swedish? Bonus.” –@CaptainandClark

“My wife. I don’t think this is the question where I should become creative…” -@hjortur

“@hjortur smart, bc you know..’if the Queen is happy, there is peace in the kingdom’ lol” –@latinAbroad


Fun, eh? join us next week at noon and 6:15 pm (EST) on twitter, with #TravelBL!

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