Travel bucket list of the week and #TravelBL round-up!

Hey guys! This shall be the second weekly post including YOUR travel bucket lists, submitted last week on this blog. A little late I know, had my hands full this week, but for waiting this long you also get a nice round-up of what happened at both sessions of the #TravelBL chat this past Wednesday *wink* now grab a pen & keep expanding that travel bucket list of yours! Also: Don’t forget to submit your lists, links of your travel sites and Twitter handles on a comment below if you wish to be featured next week. There is no limit: As long as you post new items on your travel bucket list every week, I will feature you every time! So c’mon, get greedy hehe. And don’t forget to join us on the Twitter #TravelBL chat every Wednesday at 12 & 6:15 pm (EST)! **For this week’s #TravelBL chat round-up, click here

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Travel Bucket list polar bear

Travel bucket list item: "See a wild polar bear" -Jen and Jeff

* Jen and Jeff’s travel bucket list
You’ll be inspired by their list if you like: Wildlife, sports, adventure travel

travel bucket list Great Wall China

Travel bucket list item: "The Great Wall China" -Wanderlust&TheGirl

Wanderlust’s travel bucket list – @LAbackpackerChick on Twitter
You’ll be inspired by her list if you like: History, outdoors, beautiful waters

travel bucket list helicopter pilot

Travel bucket list item: "Fly a helicopter" - Patrick

* Patrick’s travel bucket list – @corktobelfast on Twitter
You’ll be inspired by his list if you like: Geography (i.e entire continents), sports events, Heritage Sites

travel bucket list glider

Travel bucket list: "Loops in a glider" -Peg (crossed off!)

* Peg’s travel bucket list – @tomebug on Twitter
You’ll be inspired by her list if you like: Languages, flying, photography

travel bucket list Thistlegorm shipwreck

Travel bucket list item: "Shipwreck diving - CHECK!" -Me 😉

* LatinAbroad’s travel bucket list item: Shipwreck diving

Oh yes, CROSSED OFF! =D Who doesn’t have this on their list after watching the box-office-smashing TITANIC movie, right? Well, lucky me, I got to dive one of the most famous, top shiwrecks in the world: The Thistlegorm, a WWII British vessel carrying supplies, which was bombed by the Germans and sank in the middle of the Red Sea! What’s even cooler is that you get to dive the Thistlegorm twice: First time is the deepest dive, at about 30 meters deep, and it is to circumvent the ship and see its vastness from the outside. It is truly awe-inspiring, if also rather eerie. You hear the haunting sounds of the ship, the exact same ones we all heard while watching the Titanic sink with Jack and Rose vying to survive. Eerie indeed…
On your second dive, you actually enter the ship. This was the coolest thing ever. We got to go inside the Captain’s cabin and even see his tub, then go to the different storage rooms and see several motorcycles and even cars still fairly intact. It is so amazing how much of the cargo inside the ship is still so well preserved after so many years underwater. Needless to say, my breath was taken away! You can see more pictures of this amazing shipwreck by clicking here

For more items of my own travel bucket list, you may click here

What are you waiting for?! Go run to your blog, put together that awesome travel bucket list of yours and come back here to share it with us. Be part of the new, exciting #TravelBL Wednesdays! And of course, feel free to use hashtag #TravelBL any other time of the week when tweeting your items – you’ll get a guaranteed RT from me!

 What’s on your travel bucket list? What have you crossed off already?

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