Cancun, Mexico – Beach Thursday photos

This week’s Beach Thursday pick is Cancun, Mexico. Below, photos of me at different beaches around the main hotel strip, taken during my spring break 2008. Personally, I felt that trip was such a rip-off, for so many reasons. Cancun trip report, naturally, will come soon enough *wink* For now, enjoy the pics!

Cancun spring break

view from my hotel room. Saweeet!

New friend I made TJ (left) and me (right) after I won a booty-shaking contest + some VIP passes to Akon's Cancun concert. Oh yah, full story to come! πŸ˜‰

Cancun spring break

we hijacked a kayak (and that rhymed)

Cancun spring break

Me at one of the many gorgeous beaches. And yes, I AM wearing a THONG! =P

Have you visited Cancun? What did you think of it? Comment below!

25 thoughts on “Cancun, Mexico – Beach Thursday photos

  1. Agree so much – Cancun is a a place you will always be ripped off! But the crystal-blue water can’t be beat. Lovely photos – you selected the right attire – and have you worn a thong here in Miami? You’d fit right in – maybe not back in Puerto Rico, but definitely South Beach!

    • Ha ha ha, funny comments, Brian! I have actually won one in South Beach already, lol.

      I’m curious about the diving in Cancun, though. Might be back just for that

  2. I live and work in San Diego,CA…

    Soy Boricua, I am Boricua and over here se dice que” me estas pichando”….

    Lo del Gistro en Jobos va o no? lol….

    I have a lot of pics from my trips…. Would you give me a call when you get a chance 760-235-2267

      • Whats up with Jobos? lol…
        I am going to Cabo next year…
        What about Cabo for next year? Gistro en Cabo conmigo para una foto va o no va?

        Maybe cuando veas mi foto vas a decir que el Gistro va…

        Que paso en Miami? Ahi siempre estas en Gistro?

  3. I just came back from Cancun, and it was paradise. I am form Puerto Rico just like you and I get excited everytime I am by the beach.

    I agre with you inhte all inclusive deals at the hotels.

    Did you go to any of the tours or them parks?

    By the way, gotta ask.. Would you wear a thong in Ocean Park, PR? =)

    • hahaha, not sure whether I would wear one in Ocean Park, PR! πŸ˜‰ I did go on a tour to Chichen-ItzΓ‘ and it was great. What about you Diego?

      • Lol…
        Why wouldn’t you wear a thong in Ocean Park? lol…

        What about if we go to Jobos? Would you? Mhhhhh?

        I Cancun I did a lot of things that oddly enough I never venture to do back home. I went the Jungla Maya tour, I did SCUBA, Snorkle through the “cenotes”, party like a rockstar, Tulum, Xelha…
        Want to share those pics with you. I am also a nomad deep inside of me…

        I am thinkg of going to Cabo, wanto to join me? Mi Boricua, somos Boricuas, queremos ver el mundo!

        • haha, ay Diego, me has hecho reir πŸ˜‰

          well, would you like to guest post online and abroad? You could write about your trip to Cancun and all the great things you did, plus share the best photos of that trip with my audience. If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail! Just click on “contact” in the main site menu

  4. OlΓ‘ Maria,

    Perfect BeachThursday post this is πŸ™‚ Booty shaking contest, fabulous view, kayak with a chauffeur, partying, Akon concert… Sounds like you had a lot of stress over there.

    Oh, and in that thong you would fit right in on the beaches in Brazil :p
    Take care

  5. Hey what amazing beaches there!. View looks awesome from that room but hardly matters. All I want to do is get to that freaking blue water along with the lady in Thong :P. It is in the list after I did google about beaches in cancun. Awesome pics and place. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful view from your room! The only thing that would get me out of there is to actually get in the water… which by the way I had no idea was so freaking blue! Now I wanna go to Cancun!

    • Cancun beaches are definitely some of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen in the world! Partying is very expensive there but if you go for the all-inclusives they are actually a great deal. Open bar, unlimited booze, great cocktails and of course the best tequila! πŸ˜€ My hotel (the Oasis Viva I believe was the name) even had a SUSHI bar right on the BEACH under a tiki hut, which btw was *included* in the unlimited all-inclusive package deal. Oh my gosh, I ate so much fish that week!! XD πŸ˜€

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