London phone booth photo: UK adventures

This shall be me by one of the famous London phone booths! Read more about my crazy budget travel adventures, the amazing places I’ve seen, and travel tips thanks to lessons I’ve learned on the way¬†right here!

London phone booth photo

London phone booth

Do you have a London phone booth photo? Have you visited the UK?

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Maria Laborde, aka latinAbroad, is an open-minded, highly-energetic woman with the spirit of a child. A world citizen, Puerto Rican at heart, carrier of an American passport. A passionate translator and writer, sprinkling Latin spice around the world!

One thought on “London phone booth photo: UK adventures

  1. we visited London once, sortof. We had a 6 hour layover on the way to Frankfurt. We hopped the tube at 5am and raced to picadilly Circus, ran around snapping photos till the first shop opened, bought some souveniers, had a coffee and a breakfast and shot back on the tube to the airport! good times. cant wait to go back and visit more.

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