French superstitions: Part 3 of World’s Superstitions series

So we already know what the Puerto Ricans and Indians fear and/or even wish for. Today, we travel to Europe and learn about French superstitions!

* Want some good ol’ luck? Then step on poop with your left foot. Another thing you could do for good omen is hang a horseshoe upside down over a doorway. I’m not quite sure whether I want to try the former…

* Want to avoid the bad luck? Then, instead of fearing Friday the 13th, fear the guest count 13. Yes, that means no 13 people around your table at any given time.  According to French superstitions, you should never invite 13 people, or any number close to it, because you might still end up with 13 guests anyway (and some bad luck as a result)

* As in Puerto Rico, India and possibly many other countries, it is part of French superstitions that a black cat walking by you is bad omen.

French superstitions, polka dot dress

Polka dot dress = French superstitions!? Keep reading

* Always use a lighter or a match when lighting your prayer candle at church. Never use another candle to do so, as you would be “transferring” the “strength” of your prayer to that other candle, weakening your petition to God!

* Housewives: According to French superstitions, you should never iron your hubby’s pants with a belt on or else he will have sore kidneys (1. I’m not sure why someone would iron pants with a belt on anyway  2. Do the French men really suffer of sore kidneys so much that they want to blame it on their wives or something!?)

* Are your ears buzzing? Then someone is talking to you, maybe even from far away.

* Housewarming? Then make sure your movers (or strong friends) move in your table first. It will bring good fortune to your new place 🙂

* Ouch, elbow bump! Don’t worry, as French superstitions say this means good news for you! In form of a present 😉

* Wear a polka dot dress on New Year’s Day (January 1st) for prosperity for the rest of the year.

* Saw a spider in the evening? Might have brought a good scream, but also good luck at least!

Ok, that’s it for French superstitions! Stay tuned as Saturday we are discovering the superstitions of a whole new country! By the by, if there is a particular country you would like me to research, tell me in your response so I take it into consideration! (Hint: I will probably write about every country I am provided *wink*)

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Know more French superstitions? Share them in a comment below!

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  1. And in Ireland you never hang a horseshoe upside down as the luck will fall out! Always hang in a U shape to keep the luck in!

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