Indian superstitions: Part 2 of World Superstitions series

The superstitions of today’s country could, quite frankly, make up a book bigger than the Bhagavat Ghita. Still, on the second part of my new The World’s Superstitions series, I try to show you a glimpse of this long list. Ladies and gentlemen, it is Indian superstitions time today!

* As in many eastern countries, using your left hand to do pretty much anything is quite offensive. Why? Because it is typically used to, umm, wipe off after doing no.2 in the bathroom. Thus, you must refrain from eating, giving or taking anything with you left hand. Sorry, lefties!

* According to Indian superstitions, a sack full of rice will be “spoilt” if touched by a woman during her period. This also applies if the woman touches it after having sex. In fact, throughout different religions and other parts of the world, a woman on her period of after having sex is considered unclean.

* If a cat walks by you, STOP! Let it cross first. Otherwise, bad omen for you!

* But hey, not all cat events are created equal. Any pregnant cats around you? Make sure you are present during the birth of those cute little kittens! Why? According to Indian superstitions, it is good luck to see a cat giving birth!

* Many things are considered sacred in India, but here’s a mini list: Cows, Banyan, Ashoka, and Coconut trees

* For an unexplained reason, east is the preferred direction to face when performing virtually any activity, including sitting facing east at the office!

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“Give Me My Arrows And Give Me My Bow” (Sheet music) by Samuel Lover, New York: Firth, Pond and Co. (1848)

* According to Indian superstitions, seeing someone yawning indicates that someone is thinking about you or remembering you. Aww 🙂

* Ladies and lads: No shaving on Mondays, no hair washing on Thursdays. Or else you’re doomed. Yes, bad omen for you again!

* Doing charity or volunteer work? Or you are simply starting a new business or wanting a fresh start on something? Don’t book Tuesdays or Saturdays. Yeah, no Saturdays! Or else…doomed!

* New moon tonight? Bad night! Ill omen! Ahhh!

* This one made me smile: According to Indian superstitions, walking under a ladder is bad omen, just like in Puerto Rico. My mother was right!

* Want good luck to dwell in your home forever? Then never sweep at night.

* Talking about Lakshmi (good luck), turn on all the lights in your home if you want it to pay a visit =)

* Right eye twitching is good for men, left eye twitching is good for women. Why? I honestly don’t know. Good luck in love life maybe?

* Want a sort of premonition when something bad is about to happen? A dog wailing is a sign.

* Tons of Indian superstitions associated with lizards. Heck, my fellow tropical islanders, seems like we are inevitably doomed!

Ok, long enough! Gotta keep it fair and more or less equal in length to those of other countries =) Stay tuned as tomorrow we are discovering the superstitions of a whole new country! By the by, if there is a particular country you would like me to research, tell me in your response so I take it into consideration! (Hint: I will probably write about every country I am provided *wink*)

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Got more Indian superstitions or sayings from your country? Share below!

5 thoughts on “Indian superstitions: Part 2 of World Superstitions series

  1. I am Indian and I don’t agree with the points you mentioned.Most of them are incorrect.You wrote according to your own imagination.

    • I’m sorry Sri, but India is HUGE, a subcontinent in fact, and there ARE people that are superstitious. In fact, I based my article on other articles written by people from your country, so don’t be so quick to judge 😉 just because you are not superstitious doesn’t mean your fellow countrymen aren’t…!

  2. I think some of the Indian superstitions were probably inherited from the Brits. As to east facing offices etc…it is probably to do with sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Would love to see you try to do Ireland in one post 🙂 Also, though not a country, but a nation, Roma traditions/law/superstitions are very interesting and many would tie back to their original home in India.

    • I will now Kalilileth! Will try ad see if I can schedule this Irish superstitions post so it is published while I’m on my trip to Puerto Rico next Monday 😉 stay tuned for more!

  3. I m from India i never knew these things which is in your superstitious list Interesting .We have lots of superstitious that too in south indian believes but nowadays no one sticks with it

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