Video: Me salsa dancing for Fox 13 channel

Traveling and languages are not the only passions of yours truly. And due to the lack of motivation (read: Laziness) that a long weekend naturally casts upon you, I decided to make a Random Friday post: A video of me salsa dancing. Yes, I am a salsa dancer (ballroom in fact). No, my technique isn’t perfect. But indeed, I LOVE it.

The video, dated February 2008, was a segment of a morning show on the local (Tampa Bay) Fox 13 Channel. I was helping my dance partner promote one of the many dance events he organizes (note to guys: He’s not my boyfriend *wink*). I was about 21 years old then.

Jump to 1:00 to skip the interview and only see the dancing. Hope you like it! =)

[Warning: Heavy Latina accent]

Do you like salsa dancing? Or do you wish to learn?

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