My Travel Blogging begins: An introduction

How did I learn English? When did I get bit by the travel bug? What motivated me to start a travel blogging? Through pictures and mini tales, I give you a little introduction and background of my life today!

I was just about 8 when I had my very first English conversation during a parade at Disney World, which ironically was my very first trip outside of Puerto Rico as well. I was able to do so just with the limited knowledge I had gathered from going into the library and teaching myself English through dictionaries and storybooks. When I came back, I remember asking mom for cable television “para poder aprender inglés.”

travel blogging intro, Disney

Tank jou, Mickey!

Soon enough I was addicted to Discovery Kids, National Geographic and the Travel Channel. Even with the closed caption, I didn’t understand much. However, I knew the shows were related to what I was learning in my history & geography classes. It was about other cultures, long plane rides away from my island. As wildfires, they ignited my passion for languages & traveling

And so my first journey started: Learning how to speak English by myself.

Then, when I was 13, I got my first computer with Internet. I remember how my online habits included blogging on Kiwibox about my life as a teenage nerd, looking at pictures & reading stories in English about all those places from TV, all while excitedly flipping though a Webster Spanish-English dictionary & chatting with my virtual Norwegian boyfriend through the then-chatting-sensation ICQ program, of course.

travel blogging intro, dorky me

And this blogger was born.

A couple of hundreds of entries later, I finally decided to take my bags, leave my family behind, and go after “the American Dream.” I moved to the USA to go to college in Aug 2005.

travel blogging intro, Venice

Venice, Italy – one of the stop of my first Euro trip (6/2005)

And a world traveler was born. Between 2005-2010, I traveled extensively, mainly during my study abroad experiences in Egypt (2008-2009) & Morocco (Fall 2009).

travel blogging intro, Egypt

Abu Simbel, Egypt

travel blogging intro, Morocco

Marrakech, Morrocco

Now here I am, 6 years later, working & living in the United States solo, after graduating with 2 degrees from the University of Tampa last fall. Languages, travel, and blogging made all of this possible. Ironically, they will also help me become a digital nomad.

My name is Maria Alexandra & I’m about to embark on yet another journey: Become a nomadic translator & writer, sprinkling Latin spice all over the world.

So it begins! Are you ready!?

Question of the day: What motivated you to start travel blogging?

3 thoughts on “My Travel Blogging begins: An introduction

  1. I was born in 1980, so I am technically a part of Generation X. We never had the same luxuries as Millennials do today with social media when we were growing up.

    Alas, I only started blogging a couple of years ago to capture some of my past travel stories from the last 20+ years while at the same time making a conscientious effort to keep detailed reports of my current travels and adventures.

    Otherwise, looking forward to reading more about your life adventures, especially since striving to become a full time nomadic translator can really take you places whenever the right opportunities present themselves!

    • it certainly is! It’s kind of a rough start, getting enough clients and experience, but once you build that up, it’s great! 🙂 thanks for stopping by

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