Gasparilla Fest: The Aftermath (photos)

Remember how I talked to you about Tampa Bay’s Mardi Gras? Well…it happened last Saturday. As expected, a good 90% of my crew members were so wasted by noon (note: Parade started at 1 PM)…that I could barely get any beads this year *insert extremely sad face here* In fact, it is an odd record for me, who always walks out with hundreds (without having to flash boobies or booty – yay for me!). So it was a bit dim…except for the mere two hours I was a bit tipsy…so…to desribe the day in a few words and shots…

Gasparilla Pregame Party


pregaming hours before the Invasion parade = trouble!

pirate alcohol

festive pirate drinks - including beads and charm of my Alma Mater, University of Tampa

pregame, Flipcup

action shot during the Flip Cup tournament - an infamous American drinking game

The Invasion Parade

The Invasion parade, Tampa FL

The Invasion parade - my friends couldn't even stumble closer to the floats

Only about 6 out of about 60 people made it to the parade with me, all we did was watch some canon balls being fired and ate delicious one-foot corndogs. Ahhh, the highlight of my day:

food stand at the parade

food stand at the parade

parade corn dogs

One-foot corn dogs at the parade - yum!

There were some sexy sightings, though!

Firefighters, Tampa

Float of Tampa's Fire Dept. Firefighters in this city are among the sexiest I've seen (and yes, I've had close encounters thanks to students setting off alarms on campus while living in the dorms. Happy days!)

Aftermath? Still unknown

Indeed, and quite unfortunately, The “Invasion” parade is only really fun if you are tipsy, ¬†quite wasted or abnormally obsessed with beads. Until next year, then! Arrrghhhh

pirates and beads

pirates and beads - all that is known...for now!

Stay tuned, though: I will collect drunken tales from those who stayed with the sexy pirates that never made it to the parade. We shall know soon enough what they actually wound up doing…and hope we’ll laugh ’til our tummies hurt from reading them stories. Halla!

'Til next year. Arghhh!

PS – my sexy pirate costume never got in on time. That’s probably why I didn’t have as much fun, too…