Redington Beach, FL Video: My Birthday Weekend + Local Tips

A Monday is even worse when you have just returned from your birthday weekend at the beach! I came back from one of my favorite beaches in the entire State of Florida, Redington Beach, yesterday. SO! Today, I’m going to share the short-and-sweet video I filmed at one of the beaches there last Saturday.

I just turned 29 on June 25th, by the way. Can’t believe it… I remember so clearly my first summer in Europe before I turned 18..

That was 11 YEARS ago. Absolutely insane how time flies after high school!

Redington Beach, Florida Video: My Birthday Shot!

The more I visit these beaches in Pinellas County, Florida, the deeper I fall in love with them. Sandwiched between the larger, ever-crowded Clearwater and St. Petersburg beaches, the small stretch made up by Redington Beach, Redington Shores, and North Redington Beach have captured my heart thanks to their local vibes.

Entertainment pricing and ample FREE parking, though, are the 2 huge pros that keep making me come back to for more.

It doesn’t matter which of the 3 Redingtons you choose: it’s hard to tell the difference between them, to be honest. You seamlessly go from one to the other, finding several family-owned businesses of outstanding value and quality sprinkled between the 3.

My Top Redington Beach Tips for Travelers

Again, all 3 Redingtons are so close together that these tips apply to Redington Beach and travelers in the vicinity.

Sunset at Redington Shores: one of Florida's best beaches

Top Spot for Happy Hour and Early Bird Specials: Seabreeze Island Grill

17855 Gulf Boulevard
Redington Shores, Florida 33708
Talk about not only the best deal in Redington Shores, but the best deal in any Coastal Florida town, perhaps: USD $12 for a three-course meal fromtheir Early Bird menu. Anyone showing up between opening and 6 PM can take advantage of this.

This deal includes their homemade, freshly-baked luau bread accompanied by either famous coconut macadamia butter as an appetizer; followed by one out of 10 entrée options that include things like Canadian-style lobster tacos or even a crab-meat-stuffed Mahi PLUS two sides; finished up with featured dessert of the day (typically a slice of their homemade cheesecake, drizzled with your choice of fruit, chocolate or caramel syrups).

Mah God. I’ve been there more than my toes and fingers can count and always come out of their stuff. Pair THAT combo with a USD $3 massive Margarita and then you understand why I have been going there almost every single weekend since I rung up 2016.

Best happy hour in Redington Beach

Top Spot for Breakfast and Brunch: Sweet Sage Café

16725 Gulf Boulevard
North Redington Beach, Florida 33708
Just tried this quirky café yesterday before we departed Redington and HOLY SCRAMBLED CRAB BENEDICT. I didn’t care much for the flatbread used as toast at the bottom, but the filler-free, perfectly-spiced crabby goodness topped by the fluffiest scrambled eggs I’ve ever seen in my life, then smothered with hot, creamy hollandaise sauce… It’s what egg Benedict lovers’ dreams are made of.

Oh, did I mention those just costed me USD $10.98?! God bless our waitress for recommending that! My partner got the waffles and they were equally-delicious and holy-whipped-cream presentation a plus.

If you are into buffets, Sweet Sage also offers a fantastic holiday and weekend brunch buffet for USD $12.99 per person.

best brunch in Redington Beach

Best-Value Accommodation: Carousel Motel

18202 Gulf Boulevard
Redington Shores, Florida 33708
There are many, many budget accommodation options in Redington Beach and beyond. If you have the time and patience, I actually recommend you drive down Gulf Boulevard between the 3 Redingtons and drop by any of the motels with a “VACANCY” sign and haggle.

No patience or just want the freedom to drop in and know you got a good rate, though? Stay at the Carousel Motel like I have done 2 times already, then.

Redington Beach hotel, Carousel Motel

Efficiency at Carousel Motel: double bed is on the right, tucked in a corner nook with a small closet

Their cheapest motel room, with 2 twin beds, is USD $65 a night in the low season. However, I believe their efficiency with one double bed is their best value, just USD $10 more a night (USD $75) in the low season as well. Remember the rates most local motels show in their websites typically do not include 12% taxes and are based on 1-2 people per room (although Carousel does allow additional people for USD $5 each).

Yes, the motel’s decor is a bit outdated, but it is always clean and you can’t beat its location. Carousel is right next door to the public parking of Redington Shores and a street away from direct beach access. Additionally, it’s an easy walk to several restaurants, a great pizza place, and 711 right across the street. Ad of course, it is at the doorstep of all 3 Redingtons, so you can walk to either Redington Beach (like I did to shoot the video above) or North Redington Beach.

Like Redington Beach? PIN THIS!

WATCH the beauty of Redington Beach! VIDEO

I’m obsessed with this area of Florida, I know. Visit Tampa Bay yourself!

I can’t wait to go back after my trips to South Carolina & Cocoa Beach 😀

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4 thoughts on “Redington Beach, FL Video: My Birthday Weekend + Local Tips

  1. Happy belated Birthday! You were right in saying this is a beautiful part of Florida. Just look at that crystal clear water and sand! Much better than Daytona Beach by far, which has more or less been my only experience with Florida beaches. Well, there was that one time I was in Fort Lauderdale for a week-long work trip, but my time on the beach there was limited. 😉

    • oh no, there are so many wonderful Florida beaches! I personally love seaside right by the Panhandle on the golf in Northwest Florida, or Redington towns are have gorgeous beaches and great deals and hangouts as well. hope to get to visit again soon! 😉

  2. Wait till u start thinking in decades as n – that was 20 something errrr 3 decades ago! My grandmother always said the older u get the faster it does. Yep! Think I remember delivering a pizza to Hulk Hogan n Redington Shores about 3 decades ago. It was pretty fancy compared to SPB and TI back then. Where are you going in SC? I grew up there n the ’70’s and ran like hell away all the way to CO! Most of my family still live there and it has changed a lot but it’s still got that whole religious thing and all that entails. That said charleston is beautiful and the beaches, especially the marshes r sublime. I’ll probably wind up retiring there to a 1950’s cinder block studio apt in Myrtle Beach. Can’t wait! Meanwhile a few months ago I was in Cocoa for the first time ever after seeing the Ron Jon billboards for basically my entire life. Didn’t bother going into RJ but thought cocoa was nice. Really low key. Anyway, have fun in SC. Let me know if u need a place to stay in Litchfield beach!

    • ha ha tell me about it Trey! I bet Redington Shores was even more lovely back in the 70s, wow, I can only imagine!

      I have only been to the Carolinas shortly for a graduation couple of years back. Can’t wait to indulge in the southern hospitality again! Thanks for the invite by the way 😉

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