Chiang Mai Temple Hopping and Thai Food PHOTO Extravaganza

Big nose boo-boo and embarrassing temple desecration aside, I continued my exciting trot around Thailand solo. The next day would be full of even more Chiang Mai temple hopping and mouthwatering Northern Thai food.

Chiang Mai Temple Hopping and Foodie Crawl

As my delicious Northern Thai food guide shows, I had an incredibly tasty time this day. What I haven’t shared with you yet though are the details of the beautiful Chiang Mai temples that were mixed in with that equally-beautiful food.

temple hopping in Chiang Mai

I always get insanely lost (how do I manage to travel the world, I wonder?!), so I was a good 40 minutes early (so I didn’t get lost this time! yay!). Which, would prove to be, the best thing to kick off my day:

A Thai Temple all to myself, except for a monk or 2.

temples in Chiang Mai

Wat Chiang Man temple was relatively small, but intricately decorated. The golden adornments shone brightly against the sun–and the carpet inside seemed to have absorbed an intense amount of holiness from the many prayers to have been lifted from it.

It was, really, inexplicable magic.

Chiang Mai temples

The magic spell was broken by a couple of scantily-clad travelers breaking into the silence. With their uncovered spaghetti straps and loud conversation, I bounced.

Right on time to meet two other travelers and our guide!

This, by the way, was a last-minute arrangement. I decided to go on it and luckily they had space. There were only 3 of us. I love the low season.

As previously mentioned, we proceeded to devour Chiang Mai’s best foods:

foodie temple hopping Chiang Mai

We walked and walked. We also hailed a red cab or 2 for longer jaunts. The most enjoyable way to go Chiang Mai temple hopping–all while learning about the history of Northern Thai food and the city.

We visited local shops while stopping by some of the most popular temples on the way–and also discovering other tiny ones, hidden among the maze of alleyways that I didn’t even know crisscrossed the Old City.

best Chiang Mai temples

My second favorite moment, though, was having a few seconds with 2 monks and myself at Wat Chedi Luang:

Those are some of my favorite photos from my entire trip to Thailand.

Oh & this colorful Asian-but-Spanish-Conquistador-looking door. And altar.

But THEN! Then

Tea time at the Makka Hotel’s mini library, the last stop of our cultural foodie crawl, was just as holy and memorable:

Chiang Mai Makka Hotel

Then, I spent 3 hours after everyone left on my own, in that very library, reading books about Buddhism and their Enlightened authors.

I had an epiphany or 2. Some life lessons learned.

Among one of the quietest, most delicious afternoons of my entire life.

And yet, all alone.


It is in the so-called “void” that we sometimes find the most enjoyment.

Coming from me, you must be sure by now that this is a very, very special place.

Chiang Mai Temple quote

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5 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Temple Hopping and Thai Food PHOTO Extravaganza

    • crazy I almost skipped it, Nancy! But people kept telling me “you have to go, just have to go.” I don’t know what it was about it, but it felt so…cozy, welcoming, and yes, charming! Couchsurfing in Chang Mai definitely make the trip as well, all I explored!

      Epiphanies at the library haha well, just about a lot of things that were worrying me… In short, I have learned to internalized more to live in the now and not worry so much about what I cannot change in the past or whatever variables are going to come in a future I cant see yet. Basically: to hope for the best, prepare for the worst, but not worry/dwell about a thing unless it is in the given present!

  1. Hi! Love the blog! Going to Chiang Mai, how much does it cost to see these temples and what time are they open from?

    • best of all Matt? They are all FREEEEE!! I recommend you visit them either early in the morning or close to sunset. Not only will the weather be more pleasant, but you’re less likely to see other people there and have a better experience

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