Mirror landscapes and other reflections around the world (photo essay)

Quite surprisingly, it was pretty hard for me to find some images for this week’s #FriFotos theme (which I’m co-hosting over on Twitter, by the way!). I had to scour my collection for hours…and even had to head over to Flickr for additional inspiration. So finally, I present mirror landscapes–plus other reflections that resemble this essential beauty item!

FriFotos: Mirror landscapes and other reflections around the world!

For every country (or significant territory) I’ve visited, I found a mirrored image to represent it. Unfortunately, many photos aren’t from my own collection (my camera always died in most of my early travels!)–but thank God for the Creative Commons license! 😀 Proper attribution always given.


I fell deeply in love with Innsbruck when I visited back in 2005. Why?

Austrian Alps mirror reflection

Unbelievable window reflection of the Alps and city by James Cridland, Flickr

Innsbruck, Tyrol mountain reflection

Innsbruck, Tyrol reflection by nora gottardi, Flickr


Your next shot could be hiding in one of your vehicle’s rear-view mirrors:

mirror landscapes, Aruba rear-view mirror

Jeep mirror reflection of Westpunt, Aruba by dalecarlson, Flickr


Selfies from tourists around the capital Bridgetown. Great find! Made me lol

mirror landscapes, Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados reflection by Sue Kellerman, Flickr


Mirrored building above Metro stop in downtown Toronto, Ontario:

mirror landscapes, downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto, Ontario


The jungle in Dominica takes your breath away, like this reflection does:

Indian River, Dominica reflection

Reflection over Indian River in Portsmouth, Dominica by sharkbait, Flickr

Dominican Republic

Many Dominican homes humbled me, even as a young 12-year-old visitor:

mirror lake landscapes, humble home

Montecristi, Dominican Republic home by Héctor Mota, Flickr

…while many of its landscapes left me speechless!

mirror landscapes, Dominican landscape reflection

Miches Surreal by Héctor Mota, Flickr


Incredible sunset, mirrored over the Nile, from our felucca in Aswan:

Aswan Egypt sunset mirror

The Nile River: a beautiful mirror at sunset


I also fell in love with German architecture, uniquely depicted here:

mirror landscapes, puddle reflection

German architecture reflected on a puddle by wanderlasss, Flickr


You will never escape surreal reflections in Iceland:

mirror lake landscapes, Jökulsárlón Iceland

Mirrored icebergs and by over Jökulsárlón Lake by Niklas Sjöblom, Flickr


The Dead Sea, one of the most jaw-dropping natural mirrors on the planet:

mirror landscapes, Dead Sea

Dead Sea reflection by Cristian Kirshbom, Flickr


Reflections over Venice are even more dramatic during Acqua Alta season:

mirror landscapes, Acqua Alta Venice

Doge’s Palace, Venice by ivanneth, Flickr


The Monastery at Petra reflected over Aviators by imnewtryme, Flickr:

Aviator mirror reflection, Petra

Aviator reflections are always fun


Tranquil palm trees reflection at Balata Gardens, Bois du Parc:

mirror lake landscapes, Martinique

Fort-de-France, Martinique reflections by guillaumeo, Flickr


You must dive into a cenote if you visit the Yucatán! Here’s why:

mirror landscapes, cenote

“A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath” -Wikipedia (photo by cjette, Flickr)


I lived and studied in Morocco for a semester. So much to love there…

Moroccan riad reflection

Bottom of fountain reflecting a Marrakesh riad by srte, Flickr

Palestine / West Bank

One thing you never forget about Palestine: its lively buses & people:

FriFotos mirrors, Palestine

“The office” of a Palestinian bus driver by Mark Nye, Flickr


Some of my favorite things there? Houses on stilts (& overwater hostels!):

mirror lake landscapes, Panama

Houses in Bocas del Toro, Panama by Chris Goldberg, Flickr

Puerto Rico

My home island has many charms, but my favorite is pretty naughty…!

Motel Villa Arco Iris mirrors Jacuzzi suite

MIRRORS over the bed, by the bed, on top of the Jacuzzi: my type of romantic suite! (Pictured: Motel Villa Arco Iris)

FriFotos mirrors, Hotel OK Jacuzzi suite

Hotel OK had a Jacuzzi with mirrors on the walls and ceiling


I love Madrid’s special charm, no matter the perspective:

FriFotos mirrors, Madrid

Gran Via, Madrid by J. A. Alcaide, Flickr


Swiss lakes never, ever disappoint:

mirror lake landscapes, Switzerland

Mirror lake shot taken on the way to Interlaken from Lucerne by Alex, Flickr

US Virgin Islands

Green hills and ocean breeze… That’s most of St. Thomas for you 😉

USVI mirror reflection, ocean

USVI reflection by Chirag Shah, Flickr

United Kingdom

Nothing screams London like a red double-decker bus and…

mirror landscapes, London

London mirror reflection by Mark McQuade, Flickr

United States

My all-time favorite mirror photo, taken in Siesta Key, FL! LOVE aviator shots 🙂

Siesta Key, aviators mirror

My handsome gringo in Siesta Key Beach

Got photos of reflections or mirror landscapes? Share them below!

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