Oktoberfest History and VIDEO: Travel Bucket List Wednesday

Yah, I’m back! Welcome to another fun edition of Travel Bucket List Wednesday. In addition to talking to you about Oktoberfest history beer and sharing a short VIDEO I created, I have an announcement to make…which, if you wish to read, will have to keep scrolling down until you see it… 😉

Oktoberfest history and VIDEO

ZUM WHOL! It’s time to introduce you to the real story behind the world-renowned festival, Oktoberfest. So without further ado, let me show you a short clip (no fancy editing) of my visit to Oktoberfest Tampa, while telling you how the famous German fair came about:

According to Wikipedia, a parade took place for the first time in 1810 to honor the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. So yeah — a MARRIAGE. Is what gave birth to the world’s largest fair? YAH! Now you also know why the site where Oktoberfest is held every year is called Theresienwiese – that’s exactly where the 2 got married!

However, it wasn’t until 1881 that booths selling bratwurst popped up. Furthermore, beer wasn’t served or even an important part of the fair until 1892. Crazy to think about, no?

Oktoberfest history beer, food

Typical Oktoberfest fare by Verde Canyon Railroad, Flickr

Modern Oktoberfest history: how much has it changed?

Oktoberfest has been the traditional festival we know today since 1950. Previously, there was no 12-gun salute nor the tapping of the first keg of Oktoberfest beer at 12:00 by Munich’s current mayor. In fact, Oktoberfest was mostly horse races, which the entire royal family enjoyed, and an agricultural show to promote Bavarian products for the first 100 years. Nowadays? Mostly a way to attract the greatest number of tourists as possible, luring them in with great German beer 😀 Hey, nothing wrong with that!

Oktoberfest history beer, keg tapping

Tapping of the first Oktoberfest keg by Munich’s mayor (2008) by Rich Anderson, Flickr

Why Oktoberfest is on my travel bucket list

Hordes of people from all over the world, delicious curry wurst, and excellent German beers [less than € 9 for one liter!] all day every day for 2 weeks…oh, let’s not forget the dances, dance, and lively energy throughout. Need I say more?! I can’t wait to experience Oktoberfest history myself.

So! When am I thinking to cross this one off my travel bucket list, you ask? I have huge plans for 2014, so that might be the year! What might happen is so so exciting, I can’t even tell you the whole story yet. Just PLEASE keep me in your prayers and let’s hope those doors open next year. Because if they do, WE’RE GOING TO OKTOBERFEST THAT SOON! 😀

Oktoberfest history beer tent, Schottenhammel Festhalle

“Schottenhammel Festhalle is the oldest tent at Oktoberfest in München, Deutschland. In 1867, Michael Schottenhamel built a little wooden barn behind the “Königszelt” at the Theresienwiese that would fit just about 50 people. This “Oktoberfest restaurant” grew to its current dimensions, which can hold up to 10,000 people at a time. * This tent is also where Oktoberfest begins every year, with the mayor of Munich tapping a keg. Schottenhammel serves Spaten beer, one of the famous local brands, in one liter glasses”    -Grufnik, Flickr

+NEWS: I didn’t make it to the CWE Final 5. Just made it to the Top 10…

SPEAKING OF other plans for 2014: yah, I didn’t make it to the final round of Jauntaroo’s Chief World Explorer competition. Of course, disappointment hit me hard once more, just like I predicted. HOWEVER! It was short-lived due to the AMAZING outpouring of support and encouraging messages I received not only from friends and fans, but also from TV PRODUCERS…! Just check out what the judges from Jauntaroo said about my videos, hosting style and how people from the actual industry reacted.

What Jauntaroo said to me:

You were definitely one of our top 10 choices. In an effort to provide some candid feedback on why you were not selected, we would say just a little more polishing on camera. That comes with practice and we truly enjoyed your videos.

What a former Travel Channel producer told me:

Being natural on camera is MUCH better than being polished. I like your style, keep on being spunky, it’ll take you much farther than being boring, rehearsed and polished. Suerte con todo!

So yah — I’m not changing anytime soon 😉

history of Oktoberfest beer and festival, Paulaner ALE

Let’s drink to that! ;D (photo: Erik, Flickr)

Do you know any fun facts about Oktoberfest history beer?

13 thoughts on “Oktoberfest History and VIDEO: Travel Bucket List Wednesday

  1. I wonder what modern day visitors would think if they suddenly switched back to the emphasis on horse races and agricultural shows? I think people would complain! Too bad about Jauntaroo. I think Destiny is saving you for something better. I love your enthusiasm and personality in your videos.

    • thank you Michele! it’s hard to understand why certain things happen, but like you said, there must be something better in store for me… I’m just a little impatient! 🙂

      as for Oktoberfest: indeed, take the beer away and there will be a riot in Germany hahaha! 😉

  2. Sorry to hear you didn’t win, but don’t give up 🙂 Thanks for a really interesting post about Oktoberfest – so much I didn’t know 🙂 BTW thanks for commenting over on my blog yesterday 🙂

    • happy to hear you both enjoyed it, Hannah! and yes, so sad this happy happy your fest is about to end… But we always have next year!

  3. Hi Maria, thanks for the history bits about Oktoberfest. I just realized that I have celebrated the festival many times over and didn’t have a clue about its history.
    As I said when I first saw your competition video, you were very natural in front of the camera. It’s just a matter of time before opportunities keep knocking on your door. Keep the dream alive!

  4. I prefer the second comment. Sorry you didn’t win. One of the morning shows mentioned it last week, I think, so maybe they were going to introduce the winner. I missed the segment.

    • they selected the final 5, not the winner. In about a week or 2 Jauntaroo will conduct interviews. It’s ok, I understand there’s a bigger, better opportunity coming up!

  5. Very interesting. We have a lot of Oktoberfest events happening near my home and I did wonder what the origin was. I had no idea it was a marraige. And how funny that beer was the final element to be introduced to the equation and pretty much the first thing that pops in your mind at the mention of “Oktoberfest”.

    • where’s home, Tonya? Indeed, I was just as surprised as you to find out that Oktoberfest started because of a marriage! And the fact that beer was introduced until late 1800s…whoa 🙂

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