COLORFUL destinations for your bucket list: Travel Photo Roulette

I’m participating on round 61 of Travel Photo Roulette, which I decided to merge with Travel Bucket List Wednesday this week. Why’s that? The theme is COLORFUL, so I wanted to show you photos of colorful destinations you must see before you die. Check them out!

My official Travel Photo Roulette submission: This is Curaçao

Claiming one of the top spots of my travel bucket list: the Dutch Caribbean nation of Curaçao. As you remember, I finally crossed it off back in Nov 2011 in an unusual fashion: I traveled there without a plan! And what an adventure it was: from its people to its architecture, everything about the ABC island is colorful, warm, and cheery. I can’t wait to go back! Below, my favorite photo of the trip:

travel photo roulette 61, colorful Curaçao

This is Curaçao

It was such a surprise too: I was walking with an Aussie to grab a bite to eat, when we decided to get lost among the narrow alleys of Punda: the heart of the capital. And while we couldn’t find a hole-in-the-wall restaurant to eat at, we stumbled upon the colorful gentleman above. One of the best portraits I’ve taken after visiting 20+ countries across 4 continents!

Other COLORFUL destinations you must visit

When I got my PADI diving certifications in the Red Sea, I encountered a unique little organism living off the colorful coral. Its name? Nudibranch, a type of sea slug. I had never seen anything like it! So bright, odd, eye-catching. It actually became the Travel Photo Roulette submission of my Middle East blog:

colorful Nudibranch, travel photo roulette 61

Make sure you visit this little fella and the unique town of Dahab, Egypt someday!

Speaking of the Arab world, two colorful destinations you cannot miss are the medieval city of Marrakesh and fairytale town of Chefchaouen. Located in the North African Kingdom of Morocco, its culture is a mix of Berber, French, and Arab heritage. You’ll fall in love with the leather tanneries, bright cones of spices, deep blue hues, and ancient kasbahs.

colorful destinations, Marrakesh

I love how the city of Marrakesh is sprinkled with color everywhere you look, especially the bazaars’ spice towers! (Spacmonster, Flickr)

colorful destinations, Chefchaouen

The unique town of Chefchaouen, Morocco by Mark Fischer, Flickr

For this one, I can only call its name: Burano Island, Italy. Located in the Venetian lagoon, I can’t believe we missed it during my high school Euro trip! I can’t even describe it with words…too…[look at photo below to see what I mean]

colorful destinations, Burano Island Italy

Burano Island, Italy: the one that got away! Photo by John O Dyer, Flickr

And speaking of Europe…it may come as as a huge surprise to you, but France has never been on top of my travel bucket list *hears deep gasps in the background* Sure, I wouldn’t mind paying a visit, but I would rather go small town hopping to indulge in their cuisine rather than go sightseeing. But then… I discovered the picturesque village of Menton, a stone throw away from Italy (literally) in Provence, Cote d’Azur. It is now one of the top colorful destinations on my list! I wonder if their cuisine is just as kaleidoscopic as its Old Town…

^^ Feel free to mute…couldn’t find colorful Creative Commons photo… 🙁

Any colorful additions to the Photo Roulette? What’s on your bucket list?

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    • you have to go to Morocco to see the cone-shaped spices! And I agree about Burano: can’t wait to go there myself

  1. You’ve done some really colorful travels, Maria. Color puts a smile on my face. I especially love to see bright colors working together in harmony like they are here.

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