Nepalese charity behind TBC 2013: Mitrata Children Home

– April 2014 UPDATE: while not a charity of TBC anymore, please read past the first paragraph in order to STILL support this amazing Nepalese charity and children’s home! – On a special Cultural Tidbits Monday post, LatinAbroad is proud to introduce one of the charities behind the Travel Blogging Calendar 2013. Personally, I’m saddened by (and tired of) fellow bloggers, those who are supposed to be part of our own community, bashing this terrific project many of us have worked hard on. I mean, is there really something bad about giving back!?

But I digress. Please, take your time to read and learn more about the charities we are trying to help out!

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Mitrata Children Home: Nepalese charity of TBC 2013

Nepalese charity Mitrata, sponsor a child

Adorable Bikram, one of the children Mitrata has taken in

If your heart doesn’t want to grow arms and give a bear hug to the cutie on the picture above, you are simply not a human being. His name is Bikram and he was abandoned, along with his 3 siblings, by his mother. This happened after their father died in an accident years ago.

He is one of many the Nepalese charity Mitrata Children Home has rescued.

In their own words:

The aim of Mitrata is to provide a loving family environment for children who have known little or no security in their lives. We provide them education and lessons on morals and cultivate a fondness for family values and team work.

Over 98% of every donation and sponsorships go directly toward Nepalese charity programs that help these children in one way or another. These include, but are not limited to: education, medical assistance, individualized care, and therapy. Also, annual reports of this Nepalese charity (including pertinent tax documentation) are made available to any donor upon request.

The transparency and commitment of Mitrata’s Children Home is admirable — one of the reasons it was selected as one of the charities for the 2013 Travel Blogging Calendar!

Mitrata children home photo, Nepalese charity

Mitrata Nepal’s children home photo

In addition to supporting our causes by buying a calendar (100% of proceeds go to our selected charities, by the way!), please consider sponsoring a Mitrata child. Your donations will fund:

    • Clothing and supplies
    • Physical therapy for children with disabilities
    • Health care screenings and basic medical care
    • Quality nutrition and specialized nutritional support
    • Education for school-aged children
    • Caretaker training and education
    • Books
    • Computer training for older children
    • Recreational opportunities and outings for all children
    • And even Music Training!

To learn more about the children currently supported by the Nepalese charity Mitrata Children Home, click here.

Do you know of any other Nepalese charities? Please share them below!

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5 thoughts on “Nepalese charity behind TBC 2013: Mitrata Children Home

  1. Just looking at Bikram’s eyes makes me want to cry.

    There are so many children in different circumstances that need any help they can get.

    What a wonderful initiative this Travel Blogging Calendar is!

    I have worked with children as a teacher and I know so well that they remember every single word you tell them but most importantly how you make them feel.

    Let’s work together to make sure they have a better life 🙂

    • I agree Karla. Thank you so much for all the promotion you’ve given the travel blogging calendar, by the way! I really hope we can raise a lot of money for these children and help them any way we can.

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