Photo guess game: Which Caribbean island group am I?

It’s Travel Tuesday and, since I’m preparing a deeper article to publish later this week, today’s post will be short. Ladies and gents, it’s Photo Guess game time!

photo guess game, Caribbean village

Which Caribbean village could look like this?

I’m a beautiful archipelago, or string of islands, located in the Caribbean Sea. Interestingly though, I was one of the few groups to have never been colonized by the Spanish conquistadors. While I have maintained most of my traditional customs and traditions, you can still find some traces of modern times in my lands, such as TVs and beer.

Moreover? We govern our territory autonomously.

photo guess game, Caribbean archipelago

Caribbean bright blue waters

Palm fringed Caribbean island

Photo guess game: Which island group am I?

Answer: San Blas, Panama (8/31/2012 update)

6 thoughts on “Photo guess game: Which Caribbean island group am I?

  1. This is a real tricky one. There are only a few Caribbean islands that were colonized by the conquistadors and it’s a group of islands? Self governing? I’m going to say Los Roques although they are technically part Of Venezuela.

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