Travel bucket list: Fulfilling the dreams of mama and papa (share YOURS, too)

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As I thought of what to add to my travel bucket list this week, my mind was suddenly flooded with memories of mama. And papa. Maybe spending Mother’s Day away from her (and the coming Father’s Day away from him) contributed to this, but I digress…

travel bucket list, my travel photos

A few of my travel photos

I want to take mama & papa on an epic journey to realize their dreams.

Mama is an avid adventurer who married too young (though loves dad to pieces), so she couldn’t explore the world how I do now. Instead, she has held multiple jobs for decades, working up to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to sustain my sister, my ill dad (muscular dystrophy), and me. You’ll hear her fantasize about the day she finally gets her full pension (just a few years away!) and has the means and time to explore the world and volunteer full-time. You see the hidden tears in her eyes when she sees my travel photos: Both of joy/pride for her daughter and of unfulfilled dreams.

I wanna change that. I wanna take mama to every site she wants to see.

That’s the newest item on my travel bucket list, which happens to be item number 1 as of today. In addition to…

Taking papa to Vegas.

travel bucket list, Vegas strip

Vegas strip at dusk (Nevada Tourism Media Relations on Flickr)

That’s item # 2 now. You see, dad hates flying and gets sea sick easily, so cruises and extensive travel are not for him. However, he would always hint to Vegas when I first wanted to get married…and has never stopped mentioning Vegas ever since. He even said “I would be brave enough to hop on a plane…just to make it to Vegas one day!” Then, as I recollect memories through the years…I remember dad would always mention Vegas in any conversation about fun, dreams, etc. And while he’s like the brother I never had (he knows some deep secrets I would never tell any other friend of mine, let alone mama!), he has always been secretive about his own dreams.

Except Vegas. He just can’t help that one.

I want to have cousin Sergio joins us, take papa to a few strip clubs (why not!? Just look and don’t touch!), take him gambling a little, maybe even fly the rest of the family over, drive and have a week-long vacay on a house boat on Lake Powell at the end of the trip. No motion sickness here, so it would be perfect for papa, too 🙂

travel bucket list, Lake Powell houseboat

View of Lake Powell houseboat from the restored Three Roof Ruins (jah~ on Flickr)

When I go back home (Puerto Rico) in July, I’ll make sure I have extensive conversations with both mama and papa, mental pen in hand, to make sure I cross off as many items from their travel bucket list as possible. Not now, as I’m currently struggling, but hopefully in the near future.

I want to get to know them more.
I want to give back to them as much as I possibly can.

Love you mama and papa. Los extraño mucho. Can’t wait to see you and start to cross off my our new travel bucket list items, together.

My sister has a baby + is finishing college. I already told her Titi María is taking Jayden on his very first trip: Disney World. We have a few years until then 😉

travel bucket list, Disney World fireworks

Disney World fireworks (Joe Penniston, Flickr)

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8 thoughts on “Travel bucket list: Fulfilling the dreams of mama and papa (share YOURS, too)

  1. Amazing post. Firstly, I love your wall. Reminds me of my room in China, I used to stick so many photos there :). Secondly, your idea of taking your parents with you is awesome. You made me think of my mom’s dreams. I might make her 1 dream come true :-). Thank you!

    • aww, thanks! I hope you can make your mom’s dream come true soon. I still have a couple years before I can take mom and dad traveling, but can’t wait!

  2. Disney and Vegas, two over-the-top amazing places to visit. It’ll be a rewarding experience just to see the look on their faces.
    My mom always said she wanted to take the kids to Disney but I’m not sure which kids she meant as none of us had any then – hahahaha!
    My aunt has Parkinson’s and asked me to go to the two places she wanted to visit but never got to — Venezuela and Alaska. It was three but I crossed off Table Mountain a few years ago.

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