My life after traveling the world: Local tourism (photos)

As follow-up to my Life after Traveling “depression experience” post, I decided to post photos of some local tourism I’ve been doing. It’s Travel Tuesday, and I’m trying to find some excitement and joy in beautiful spots and locales close to me…until I can spread my wings to fly far, far away again!

Life after traveling: Making up after a fight on Davis Island, Tampa, FL

My partner and I actually had a fight/argument last Wine Wednesday, right in the middle of the wine aisle of a supermarket. That’s where he broke down and said he couldn’t take my “life after traveling depression” anymore. That we had to do something about it. After some tears and emotional “yanks,” we finally figured it all out. Then, we decided to simply get some deli sandwiches from the cafe nearby and head to Blaine’s favorite spot in our city:Β Seaplane Basin Park on Davis Island, Tampa, FL. The breeze was a bit cool, just what we needed to calm us down, plan our future local tourism adventures and remember how much we do love each other πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

life after traveling, Seaplane Basin Park

life after traveling, Seaplane Basin Park sunset

We watched sunset together, happy with our adventures ahead

Seaplane Basin Park marina

The marina

Stay tuned for more local tourism adventures. Next Travel Tuesday post will be about the DalΓ­ Museum in St. Petersburg, FL!

Salvador Dali Museum and Moon, St Petersburg, Florida

Salvador Dali Museum, St Petersburg, Florida (Matthew Paulson, Flickr)

How’s your life after traveling the world? Share your experiences below!

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