Partying in Miami with Moby: Travel Tuesday photos

Hey folks! Today’s post is short-and-sweet as I have to take care of a lot of issues stemming from identity theft I found out I’m a victim of last week 🙁 but as an attempt to cheer myself up a bit, I have compiled some of my favorite photos of partying in Miami

partying in Miami, South Beach

Explosion! Around 4 AM...

South Beach: Best partying in Miami?

Last time I was in awesome South Beach was for Art Basel’s 10th anniversary, from December 2nd-4th, 2011. I was graced by the Aussie energy ball @mackinnontweets and we teared the town apart! Partying in Miami is not for the sleepy heads nor faint-hearted, testified by our partying up ’til 6: AM (me) and 10:30 AM (Mr. Mackinnon, who ventured out to Space for the after-hours party scene). The Moby concert was A BLAST of unique proportions and MANSION was the perfect venue for it. Ticket prices were perfect ($25 USD each), but holy crap drinks were liquid rape! Oh well, at least we had fun and I personally didn’t feel the pain in my pockets until a week later 😀

So the question stands: Is South Beach the best partying in Miami? Expensive, but I think so! My tip: Pre-game, aka drink all you want prior going to the club, and you’ll be in better shape 😉 Here are some more Partying in Miami photos!

South Beach Miami drinks

Rule number 1: ALWAYS pre-game (Photo: Mitchel Mackinnon)

South Beach happy hour

Rule number 2: Take advantage of as many Happy Hours as possible (Photo:M.Mackinnon)

partying in South Beach Miami, pre Moby

Mobyyy about to be in the house!

partying in South Beach Miami, Moby Mansion

MOBY! Amazing DJ he is, his mainstream hits are nothin' to what I saw that night! Oh and the cowboy hat? Don't ask...

partying in South Beach Miami, Moby light show

The light show was something else, too. Completely added to the unreal experience

partying in South Beach Miami bunny

I found Bugs Bunny!

partying in South Beach Miami Aussie

swing swing Mr Mackinnon

post party South Beach

I...I still don't know where that mask came from... (this was at 6 AM, short before my departure)

I'm Miami bitch shirt

well, jou know how it goes...

What’s partying in Miami like to you? Tell me about your experience!

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