Blue Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: Beach Thursday photos

This week’s Beach Thursday spotlight is on Blue Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico. This is my favorite islet of the archipelago and my top activity there is to rent a 4×4 vehicle and go beach hopping. At the rental center, you are provided a map with the location of dozens of unspoiled, isolated specks of the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the few places in the Caribbean that you can truly enjoy without throves of tourists.

Blue Beach, Vieques

1) Entering Blue Beach

Bahia de la Chiva, Blue Beach, Vieques

2) You and the coconuts

Why I love Blue Beach, Vieques

Of the extensive list of beaches in La Isla Nena, I picked Blue Beach, Vieques because from the few spots I visited on my last trip, this was my favorite. Also known as La Chiva, the water is an incredible light turquoise hue, almost blinding you with tiny rainbow-like specks when the strong Caribbean sun reflects on it. Moreover, we had the beach all to ourselves!

me at Blue Beach, Vieques

me at Blue Beach, Vieques

La Chiva, Vieques water

Getting lost in the reflections

La Chiva, Vieques

5) “La Chiva” – Blue Beach, Vieques

When to go

Date of visit will definitely impact your odds of finding another soul or two at any hidden Vieques beach. Thus, I recommend a weekday beach hopping tour to better enjoy the scenery and nature for what they are. By the way, you should also add Red Beach to your itinerary. It seems like Blue Beach’s pretty sister, doesn’t it? 😉

Caracas, Red Beach, Vieques

6) Caracas, Red Beach, Vieques

Have you been to Vieques? What’s your favorite beach?

Flickr photo credits: 1) David Sanchez * 2) sciascia * 5) tony * 6) Kaytee Riek

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    • Coconuts are delicious in any way shape or form 😛 and beach hopping in Vieques is a wicked time! You should come when I go again this July 😀

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