#Travel bucket list of the week: Space, home stays and other quirky stays

It’s Travel Bucket List Wednesday once more! I didn’t get any submissions from your travel bucket lists, so today we are expanding my ever-long To-do List Before I die book 😉

travel bucket list, total solar eclipse

Photo of 1999 total solar eclipse (Luc Viatour © GFDL, Flickr Commons)

Trip to Svalbard for the 2015 total solar eclipse

According to this Hermit.org page, the 2015 total solar eclipse will be best seen from Svalbard, an Arctic archipelago that is part of Norway. I definitely want to be there for the phenomena! And cross out another destination (and event) off my travel bucket list.

travel bucket list, Philippines homestay

Yap - San Diego Ancestral House @ Cebu City (By Dexter Panganiban, Flickr). This is close to what a homestay would look like!

Philippines Homestay experience through Flip Flop (yes that’s the name!)

I stumbled upon this agency named FlipFlop: The Philippines Homestay Experience today, right before I wrote this post. Naturally, I knew I had to add this to my travel bucket list! You get to stay with a local family for about $13 USD a night (600 Philippines Pesos) and have homemade meals for $1-2 USD (50-100 Philippine Pesos). I just hope I get to pay the family directly for these meals and that the agency doesn’t profit from that part at least. If that’s the case, I’m so doing this! Being able to help a local family directly all while being able to truly experience their country, their food, and even learn a few recipes in the process?! This is the type of travel I always dream about!

travel bucket list, stargazing hotels

Awasi Hotel, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (Photo: Terry Feuerborn, Flickr)

Great Hotels for Stargazing

I’m a budget traveler, but like any human being, I’ll admit it: If I could splurge, I would too! And so when I stumbled upon this fabulous hotels for stargazing, I couldn’t say no. Plus, I’m a little astronomy geek who can spend hours staring at the stars (oh Egypt, I miss your desert and oases so much!). So yah, all these hotels are on my travel bucket list now 😀

travel bucket list, Magic Mountain hotel, Patagonia Chile

Magic Mountain hotel, "the Volcano Hotel" in the Chilean Patagonia (Photo: _tono, Flickr)

Volcano Hotel & other quirky stays at Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile

I am all over these quirky stays at Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile. Not only is the spectacular reserve located in the middle of the Patagonia, but the types of accommodation available are ah-mazing. If I had to pick just one though, I would stay at the “Volcano hotel” (MONTAÑA MÁGICA LODGE). Yes, it literally looks like a volcano and water just rushes down from the very top to the bottom. All over green lush vegetation that grows on the building itself (or seems like it!). Seems like I’ll have to save up some money to cross off the amount of quirky room stays that have made it to my travel bucket list thus far!

travel bucket list, Baobab hotel

Huilo Huilo Patagonia hotel runner up: Baobab hotel (Photo: Mirthe Valentijn, Flickr)

Hotel Baobab, Chilean Patagonia

view up the lobby of Baobab Hotel (Photo: Mirthe Valentijn, Flickr)

Got your own travel bucket list? Share it with me (post your link below!) and I’ll feature it on next week’s Travel Bucket List Wednesday post. Lets inspire each other to travel some more and discover unseen corners of our planet together!

travel bucket list, Magic Mountain Lodge

another great view of Mountain Lodge Hotel, Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chilean Patagonia (Photo: Nick Herber, Flickr)

What’s on your travel bucket list?!

3 thoughts on “#Travel bucket list of the week: Space, home stays and other quirky stays

  1. Hey! I’m glad your planning a home-stay here in the Philippines. Honestly, I didn’t know about this kind of travel until I read Nomadic Chic’s post about her stay in Bohol. When I search about the Agency who do this kind of tour, I stumble upon your site. Next thing I knew, I’m hook in reading your post. 🙂
    The Yap-SanDiego Ancestral house picture you post is in Cebu, which is my birthplace. I hope you’ll enjoy your experience here. Cebu has so much to offer.

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